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The Illinois Heartland Library System is home to the Illinois Machine Sub-Lending Agency. In addition to facilitating resource sharing and delivery, Library Systems in Illinois have been charged with supporting the Library of Congress’ National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Physically Handicapped program. 

Reading materials, playback equipment and accessories are delivered directly to the mailboxes of the registered patrons as "Free Matter." This mail order library service is available for those who are unable to read standard print due to blindness, a visual or physical limitation or certain learning disabilities.

Registration and service is handled through one of three subregional libraries in Illinois (Chicago, Geneva, or East Peoria). The Illinois Machine Sub-lending Agency maintains the machine and accessory inventory and is responsible for loaning the equipment to registered users of the subregional libraries and of the regional library in Springfield.

If you or your patrons would like to learn more, please contact the Mid-Illinois Talking Books Center at (800) 426-0709


Did You Know?

An article entitled, “From Nine Into Two:  The Illinois Library Systems Merger of 2011” by Brock Peoples and Jeannie Dilger-Hill appears in the October Issue of the ILA Reporter.  If you don’t want to wait until your copy arrives in the mail, you can read it online at:

The Fund for Illinois Libraries, which has been under the umbrella of Illinois Library Systems is beginning the transition to the Illinois Library Association.  The purpose of this fund is to enable libraries to receive gifts from individuals or organizations that can only make donations to 501 (c) (3) charitable organizations.  To read the full message regarding the transition, please go to:

The 15th Annual Reaching Forward South Conference will be held September 29-30 at the Northfield Inn in Springfield.  This conference is designed with a specific focus on Library Assistants.    For complete information go to

We’ve got surplus!  As we move through this transitional period, we’re all looking at space needs and doing some “house cleaning.”  At the July and August Board Meetings, surplus lists were approved and are now being offered to membership.  To view the memo with procedures and the lists, go to:


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Ellen Popit, Membership Development