Tax Cap Bill Passes in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Tax Cap Bill Passes in the Illinois House of Representatives.

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The Illinois House of Representatives passed this afternoon Senate Bill (SB) 2073, would reduce the revenues available to local taxing districts in tax-capped counties.  Where property assessments are declining, the bills would prevent any increase in the aggregate tax levy extension, even though the costs to provide services continue to rise with inflation. 

Sponsored in the House by Rep. Jack D. Franks (D-63, Woodstock), the Senate sponsors are:  Senator Terry Link (D-30, Lincolnshire), Senator Dan Kotowski (D-33, Park Ridge), and Toi W. Hutchinson (D-40, Chicago Heights).

This bill will directly affect libraries in property tax-capped counties by not allowing for any increase in the property tax extension, ignoring escalating budget factors that are beyond the control of the library such as insurance programs (property, liability, unemployment, workers’ compensation), employee benefits, fuel supplies, etc.

This proposal was added as a last minute amendment to Senate Bill 2073 and was rushed through the House of Representatives with little consideration.  The House amendment changing the Tax Cap law is completely unrelated to the original Senate bill and we ask all Senators to oppose the House amendment when it comes back to the Senate.  (To avoid any confusion, this bill will impact ALL tax-capped counties, not just McHenry county.)


For further information, please check out the Illinois General Assembly website at:


The legislation is on a very fast track so make your calls now to your Senator.