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Sponsorships - Beyond All Limits IHLS Member Day 2020, Sponsored by Innovative, a ProQuest company

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Preferred Vendors:

As one of Illinois’ two multi-type library systems, Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) provides support to our 524 member libraries in several ways. One way is through an annual continuing education conference brought to library staff at no cost to them. As a preferred vendor, we would like to thank your organization for its past support and again extend an invitation to connect with our member libraries.

IHLS will host our 6th annual Member Day, Beyond All Limitson November 10, 2020, as a virtual event featuring renowned keynote speaker R. David Lankes. Last year, we had over 140 librarians participate, spanning over 50 counties and 28,000 square miles of central and southern Illinois. Attendance grows every year, and we anticipate a virtual attendance level beyond what we have previously seen. 

We are asking you to join us in support of Member Day 2020 with an event sponsorship or grand prize donation. A sponsorship or grand prize donation is a great opportunity to get your company name and service in front of librarians of central and southern Illinois in a way that directly impacts them. We know this has been a difficult year for vendors, therefore this year’s sponsorship fees are significantly reduced, and we are only offering sponsorship opportunities to our preferred vendors.

IHLS will feature our Member Day sponsors and donors through digital media and day-of promotion as described in the attached Sponsor/Donor Level Outline. Additionally, all sponsors will be provided with virtual booth space for highlighting products, services, and giveaways.

Member Day 2020 sponsorships are now open and will be accepted through October 12, 2020. However, the sooner your sponsorship is secured, the more publicity your company will receive. There will only be one headline sponsor, so please act quickly! Sign up or download this Sponsor Letter at 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at the email address below. Thank you for your consideration. We appreciate your support for Member Day 2020: Beyond All Limits!  

Sponsorship Levels


IHLS Member Day 2020 Conference • Sponsor-Vendor Options Outline 
November 10, 2020 

Virtual Event 

Headline Sponsor (no longer available)

As the Headline sponsor, you will receive all the Partner and Exhibitor benefits plus: 

  • Naming rights for the event, “IHLS Member Day 2020: Beyond All Limits, brought to you by ‘Your Company Name’” or similar 
  • Name included in all promotional mentions of IHLS Member Day 2020 (may be placed after the event logo)
  • All Facebook posts tagged 
  • Option to present a 1- to 3-minute pre-recorded video or live presentation during pre-keynote morning announcements to talk about your organization 
    • Presentation/video will be recorded and made available on the Member Day website after the event 
  • Name or small logo on conference slides template 
  • Top placement for your Virtual Display Booth 


Partner-Level Sponsor ($250) 

As a Partner-Level Sponsor, you will receive all the Exhibitor-Level benefits, plus: 

  • Company/Organization Logo listed as a sponsor in: 
    • 2-4 Member Day promotional emails 
    • Member Day event homepage (linked to company’s homepage) 
  • Company/Organization Name listed as a sponsor in: 
    • Member Day articles in IHLS Member Connection e-newsletter 
  • Display booth will be promoted in an interactive attendee game 
  • Acknowledgment during the conference’s pre-keynote morning announcements and pre-grand prize drawing afternoon announcements 
  • Recognized during the morning break (a non-conflict time) via on-screen slides, “brought to you by…”; attendees will be encouraged to visit exhibitor virtual booths where they can access your company’s virtual meeting room, if you choose to provide a link to one  


Exhibitor-Level Sponsor ($150) 

As an Exhibitor-Level Sponsor, your company/organization will receive:

  • Company/Organization Name listed as a sponsor in: 
    • Member Day event homepage (linked to company’s homepage) 
    • At least 1 Facebook post, tagged 
  • Virtual display booth for your company/organization on our Sponsors page containing: 
    • Company/Organization Name 
    • Logo or Banner Image (up to 600px x 300px; static) 
    • Website Link (to homepage or landing page) 
    • Contact Information for your Representatives/Office (up to 3 reps listed) 
    • Link to your Company/Organization’s Online Meeting Room (Zoom, WebEx, or equivalent) 
    • Company bio/services 
    • Booth is an accordion-style space on an IHLS Member Day webpage 
    • All links and collateral are to be provided by your company/organization (however, a simple banner containing the company’s name will be created by IHLS if none is provided by the company/organization)  
    • Sponsors page will not be behind any paywalls starting the day of the event and remaining online for approximately 7 to 9 months 
  • Grateful acknowledgment in all follow-up communications with our members, with a link to our Member Day sponsor page 
  • Access to all live sessions for any number of company/organization representatives the day of the event


Large Prize Donor/Sponsor (Physical Item or Monetary Donation of $100+) 

As a Large Prize Donor or Sponsor, your company/organization will receive:

  • Company/Organization Name and photo of the prize listed on Member Day Prizes/Giveaways webpage 
  • Company/Organization Name listed in at least 1 Facebook post, tagged 
  • Company/Organization Name and photo of the prize listed in a pre-event email to registrants 



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