9/16/2020 Delivery Update: Change in Quarantine Process: Moving the 7-Day Quarantine In-House at IHLS

Published 9/16/2020 4:55 PM CT

Change in Quarantine Process:

Relieving Some of the Burden
by Moving the 7-Day Quarantine In-House at IHLS

IHLS Members, 

As announced in the September 14 Members Matter meetingIllinois Heartland Library System will begin transitioning back to a single-day pickup by taking on the responsibility of the 7-day quarantine. Starting as soon as possible, IHLS will begin picking up additional tubs from libraries and quarantining items on libraries' behalves within our hubs, eventually for the full 7 days. We hope this will take some pressure off of libraries and allow libraries to regain space lost by quarantining tubs and materials.

You may have noticed that IHLS drivers are already picking up multiple days’ worth of items from your library. The capacity of our vans will determine how fast this transition will happen. The drivers will pick up as much as possible each day until every library is caught up.

Please continue to add a date to the outside of your tubs in the plastic pocket where the label goes. This date should indicate the last time that items inside the tub were touched by human hands

To those libraries that have reached out offering to continue to quarantine tubs within their library buildings, thank you. We will reach each out to those libraries individually. If you have not reached out but have the space to continue quarantining tubs for 7 days, please contact your Delivery hub manager

Meanwhile, IHLS staff continue to practice the following safety procedures:  

  • disinfecting commonly touched workspaces and tubs, paying special attention to high-touch areas such as handles
  • requiring handwashing every 30 minutes
  • requiring masks for IHLS staff when around library materials or other people
  • using temperature scanners to monitor the temperatures of all staff members before they enter an IHLS building and sending staff members home if they have a temperature reading above the state guideline of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • following the Emergency Travel Order issued by the Chicago Department of Public Health,
  • following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Illinois Department of Public Health, and
  • regularly reevaluating our policies and procedures for improvement.

Thank you to all member libraries for your continued support.


Susan Palmer, Director of Operations 

Ellen Popit, Associate Director 

Leslie Bednar, Executive Director