Don't Press Snooze—Act Now! Big Things Happening with L2

published 6/4/20

L2: Library Directory and Learning Calendar

Update: July 16, 2020

L2 Data Freeze, July 31

The new L2 is on target to launch in mid-August. The current L2 will freeze late in the day on July 31, in preparation for final migration and go-live. What does this mean for you? After July 31:

  • Events will be visible, but will not be editable.
  • Events will link to external forms of registration.
  • Events from the old site will not be migrated. Future events that are already in L2 will be re-entered into the new L2.
  • The library directory will be visible, but will not be editable.
  • After we launch, we will need libraries to continue to take responsibility for their directory entries, and specifically to populate several fields that are new or impossible to migrate, such as library hours and ILL/reciprocal borrowing policies. 

We encourage you to make any changes to your personal account or to your library’s account (if you have elevated permissions) before the data freeze to help with information migration. Log into to make changes. For help, contact


L2 Update: Launch date, Required unique email addresses, Data freeze, Learning reports

The launch of the new Library Directory & Learning Calendar (L2) is tentatively planned for mid-August, and we need you to act now.

The L2 team continues their hard work of creating a better, more user-friendly, and more robust L2 for everyone! The launch of the new Library Directory & Learning Calendar (L2) is tentatively planned for mid-August, and we need you to act now. All member library staff and trustees are urged to update their L2 accounts with a unique email address before the migration of data from the current L2 to the new L2. Your account will not migrate without a unique address—one email to one person. And, every account will need an email address in the new L2. (Public Library Trustees will still have an option to display a shared email account in the directory in lieu of their private email addresses; however, a unique email will still be required for account creation purposes.) 

In addition, there will be an L2 data freeze on July 31. No information will be able to be downloaded, created, or added to L2 for a period of about two weeks.

Finally, learning reports will not be migrated to the new L2. This means that all individuals who want their learning history need to download their data before July 31. Libraries who would like a report of their agency’s entire learning report history may request this by contacting IHLS after July 31. 

Further details on the data freeze is coming soon. Meanwhile, if you need help regarding an L2 account, please contact or visit the L2 Help page.

Action Item Summary:

  1. Make sure all library staff and public library trustees have L2 accounts using a unique email address (no shared email addresses)
  2. Download your individual learning history report (optional)
  3. Anticipate a July 31 data freeze and a mid-August launch of the new L2
  4. After July 31, request your library's organizational learning history report (optional; details to come)