L2 Library, Employee, & Trustee Accounts Freeze July 31: Here's What It Means For You & What You Need to Do Right Now

Published 7/28/20 5:00 PM CT

Data Freeze (text is frozen in ice)

L2 Library, Employee, & Trustee Accounts Freeze July 31

Here's What It Means For You & What You Need to Do Right Now

Library Staff and Trustees,

Re-development of the Library Learning (L2) platform is on target for the new website launch in mid-August. In preparation for the final data migration, account data in the current L2 platform will freeze late in the day this Friday, July 31.

This means that after July 31:

Items marked with " *** " may need your swift attention

L2 Calendar Events & Registrations

  • Events will be visible but will not be editable.
  • Employees/trustees will not be able to register for events in L2 or cancel event registrations made in L2.
  • *** Event coordinators with events listed in L2 will not be able to edit those events. Therefore, coordinators will need to add an external form of event registration (such as a Google Forms link or Zoom link) to any events that are currently taking registration. These events will also need to be re-entered into the new L2 platform after it launches.

L2 Learning Reports

  • Learning reports will not be migrated to the new L2.
  • *** Library employees/trustees who want their learning history will need to download their data before July 31.
  • *** Library directors/equivalents and HR staff who want all of their employees' learning histories should email IHLS after July 31 for this report. 

Library Directory Entries in L2

  • Library directory listings will be visible but not editable. 
  • *** Directors/designated employees should review and update their library's listing. However, some information, such as library hours and ILL/reciprocal borrowing, cannot be migrated to the new site and will require updating after the launch of the new L2 platform.

Library Staff/Trustee L2 Accounts

  • Library employee/trustee account information will be visible but not editable.
  • *** Employees/trustees should review and update their account information by July 31.
  • *** Employees/trustees using a shared email account (such as trustees@publiclibrary.org) will need to create a new account with their own email address by July 31. (In the new L2, employees/trustees will have the option to hide their private address and display a shared address; however, a unique address is required for each person for account creation purposes.)

The NEW AND IMPROVED Library Learning platform is scheduled to go live mid-August.

Please watch your email in the coming weeks for details, training opportunities, and next steps.

In Summary

All library employees and trustees should review and update their account information and download any desired learning reports before the July 31 account freeze.

Directors or designated staff should also review and update their library's listing.

To sign in to your L2 account, click the button below and enter your email/username and password. Alternately, navigate to https://www.librarylearning.info/ and then click <Sign In> in the top navigation bar.

For L2 help, click <Help> in the top navigation bar in L2 or click <Help & Support> in the left-side navigate. You may also navigate to the help page directly by going to https://www.librarylearning.info/help.aspx.  

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