More of what you want, less of what you don’t.

It's all about you!

IHLS makes it easier to receive ONLY the updates relevant for you.

Have you noticed a change in how you’re getting IHLS e-news? To better serve our members, we’ve been hard at work creating a new email list system that will provide you with the freedom to receive only the IHLS updates you need and want. Starting immediately, you and your library’s staff have the ability to sign up for or unsubscribe from any of several IHLS mailing lists:

  • Member Connection E-Newsletter
  • Continuing Education
  • IHLS Business and Delivery
  • Networking, Special Interest Groups & Social Hours
  • Advocating for Your Library
  • Library Trustees

Everyone who was already subscribed to the IHLS newsletter list or to the Announce listserv has already been added to each of the above lists (with the exception of the public library trustees list). This alone does not mean the number of emails you receive will increase. Instead, the emails we previously sent through the newsletter mailing list and the Announce listserv will now be sent through the above lists. To unsubscribe from one or more lists, click the “Update Subscription Preferences” link at the bottom of any email.

Did some of your library staff previously unsubscribe from our emails because most of our updates weren’t relevant to them? Visit the Newsletters & Listservs page of the IHLS website to sign them up for just the lists relevant to them.