New, More Reliable Phone System at IHLS

Published 4/2/2021 6:00 AM CT,  Updated 4/13/2021 1:35 PM CT

New auto-attendant up and running, old extensions no longer in service

We are pleased to share that IHLS has transitioned to a new phone system. Starting April 13, we are now able to receive your call even if our desks are located outside of the office or we’re working away from our desks.


How else will this affect you?


When you call us, you’ll be greeted by a new auto-attendant.

We want to get you to the right person as quickly as possible, but we do not have dedicated staff to transfer calls. Please follow the prompts, and our new auto-attendant, “Ms. Microsoft,” will guide you to the department you need. We will likely make changes to the available options as callers like you provide feedback. Please listen to the prompts, as the options may change in the first few weeks.


Phone extensions will no longer work.

However, our new auto-attendant will help you reach the department you need; just listen for the prompts. Alternatively, speak the name of the individual you wish to reach, and you will be connected.


You can dial our main line, as usual. The alternate local numbers will also still work.

Main line / Edwardsville: 618.656.3216

Carbondale: 618.985.3711

Champaign: 217.352.0047


You can dial departments directly.

If you know you need a particular department, you can dial a number that will ring the entire department without navigating through the auto-attendant menu. Or just call our office main line and the new auto-attendant will guide you to the correct department. It’s the best of both worlds. These numbers can be found in the contact area of the website.

You can dial individuals directly.

IHLS staff members will have their own phone numbers assigned to them, which you can call directly. These numbers can be found in the contact area of the website.


Leave a voicemail for an entire department.

On our previous system, only one person received the department voicemail; if that person was on vacation, we couldn’t always respond as promptly as we would have liked. Now, you can leave a message and everyone in that department call group will receive your voicemail.


Need to reach us? Call Illinois Heartland Library System at 618.656.3216 (or either of our other branch numbers).

We have a new phone answering system. Now you can contact IHLS staff with better reliability and ease--no matter where their desks are located. Automated voice directory. Direct lines. No more extensions. Same main phone number: 618-656-3216.