Please comment on proposed IHLS Bylaws Change

Every year, the board appointed nominating committee works hard to craft a strong slate of candidates for IHLS board positions that will be open for the coming fiscal year. When the process is completed, the nominating committee presents a report to the board detailing how the process played out and recommendations for improvement. This year, a recommendation was made that requires revision of board policy. The revision has to do with what consideration should be given to incumbent board member who is running for a second term.

You can find the proposed revision below: 

Proposed Changes to Article VI Board of Directors, Section 4 Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors

New language in red

b. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a ballot and certify that all candidates are eligible electors in the geographic area of the System. The ballot will include no more than four (4) six (6) eligible candidates for each open seat. Any incumbent board member running for a second term will automatically be awarded a slot on the ballot. In the event that there are no eligible candidates for an open position on the IHLS board, there will be a write-in vote. Any viable write-in candidate will be required to meet all eligibility criteria for the specific board position and must receive a minimum of five (5) affirmative votes in order to win election. The nominating committee must verify the winning candidate. If there is no clear winner from the write-in vote, the president will appoint a new board member.

Comments will be accepted thru February 1.


Library Name: 
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System
Six seems like a lot of candidates and might be hard to get many votes for each.

Library Name: 
Westville Public Library
I like the added language. I think it's great.

Library Name: 
St. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library
Since the nominating committee could be different, why are we giving incumbents an automatic slot on the ballot. Should they not be check to make sure they still meet all the eligibility requirements? I don't think they should be shown such preferential treatment. I like the fact that we now have 6 possible candidates for each seat. Competition is good.

Library Name: 
Six Mile Regional Library District
I think the change makes sense. I cannot believe I had to resubmit this comment 3 times because of the form of our homepage address (first I just typed [], without the brackets - which does work; then I typed [], again without brackets, and finally I typed [], which is just crazy town. It almost made me want to just skip leaving a comment. But, I figured you wanted comments so here you go.

Library Name: 
Worden Public Library District
I approve of these changes.

Library Name: 
Chester Public Library
I think the proposed change is a good one!

Library Name: 
Hanson Professional Services Technical Library
I approve the proposed changes to Article VI Board of Directors, Section 4 Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors.

Library Name: 
CE Brehm Public Memorial Library
Why limit the number of candidates? What if you have 7 people that want to run? Do you take the first 6? Also a person may not want to run and then you will have an issue if that person wins the election.

Library Name: 
Loda Township Library
The revisions, as stated, sound excellent and desirable.

Library Name: 
Illinois State Museum Library
I concur with all changes except that I think there needs to be a phrase in there somewhere that says, in the case of a write-in nomination, the nominated person must be aware of the nomination and be willing to serve.

Library Name: 
Athens Municipal Library
The changes sound good to me.

Library Name: 
Tolono Public Library
I think it is a good idea for incumbent board members to automatically be awarded a slot on the ballot if they choose to run again. I always appreciate board members who are willing to continue their commitment to an organization.

Library Name: 
Philo Public Library District
It appears to be a reasonable number since incumbents would be automatically included. It would allow for new people interested in running to be included on the ballot. I would be good with no limit to the number of candidates on the ballot.

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