Known COVID-19 Library Closures

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Below are the current COVID-19-related library closures for the Illinois Heartland Library System service area as reported to IHLS. Please note that information on reported closures is fluid and this information may not capture the nuances of such closures, such as the inside of some libraries remaining closed while they continue to offer local holds through a curbside delivery. Still, we hope this information will be of use to our libraries as the statewide and national situation evolves.

Only Libraries that have reported closures from March 15th to April 1st are listed.


IHLS-Only Members: Please complete the No Delivery Request Form (regardless of the current status of available IHLS Delivery services).

IHLS-SHARE Members: Please also notify SHARE by completing the Closing Dates Form to update your settings in Polaris. If you would like to check your closing dates, in Polaris you can go to Utilities >> Reports and Notices >> Tools >> Dates Closed.


If you are a journalist looking for additional information regarding statewide closures, recommendations, and procedures, please contact Shandi Greve Penrod, who will put you in contact with the best person to answer your questions.

Additionally, you can find public information about closures in the RAILS system service area and Chicago Public Library.


Name 15-Mar16-Mar17-Mar18-Mar19-Mar20-Mar21-Mar22-Mar23-Mar24-Mar25-Mar26-Mar27-Mar28-Mar29-Mar30-Mar31-Mar1-Apr
Albion Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Allerton Public Library District (Monticello) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Altamont Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anne West Lindsey District Library (Carterville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AOPLD-Argenta Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AOPLD-Oreana Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arcola Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arthur Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ashley Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Assumption Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Athens Municipal Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Atwood-Hammond Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Auburn Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Barclay Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Belleville Public Library-Main xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Belleville Public Library-West Branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bement Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Benton Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bethalto Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Blue Mound Memorial Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Blue Ridge Township Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Breese Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Brighton Memorial Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bryan-Bennett Library (Salem) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bunker Hill Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD (Mt. Vernon) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cahokia Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Camargo Township District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carlinville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carmi Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carnegie-Schuyler Public Library (Pana) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carrier Mills-Stonefort Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carrollton Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Case-Halstead Public Library (Carlyle) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Casey Township Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Caseyville Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Catlin Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central Citizens' Lib District (Clifton) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Centralia Regional Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charleston Carnegie Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chatham Area Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chester Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chrisman Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Christopher Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cissna Park Community Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clifton Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cobden Branch Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Columbia Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Coulterville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Crab Orchard Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Danville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Danville Public Library Outreach Dept. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Daugherty Public Library District (Dupo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Divernon Township Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dongola Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Doyle Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dry Point Township Library (Cowden) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DuQuoin Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
East Alton Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
East St. Louis Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Edwardsville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Effingham Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Eldorado Memorial Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library (Sullivan) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Elkhart Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Elwood Library District (Ridge Farm) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Evans Public Library District (Vandalia) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fairfield Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fairview Heights Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Flora Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Forsyth Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Frank Bertetti Benld Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Freeburg Area Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Galatia Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Georgetown Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Germantown Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gillespie Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gilman-Danforth District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Girard Township Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Glen Carbon Centennial Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Golconda Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Goose Creek District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Greenfield Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Greenup Township Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Greenville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Groff Memorial Library (Grayville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hartford Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hayner PLD - Alton Square Branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hayner PLD - Downtown Branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hayner PLD - Genealogy and Local History xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Herrick Township Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Herrin City Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hoopeston Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hope Welty Public Library District (Cerro Gordo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illiopolis Niantic Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jerseyville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Johnston City Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jonesboro Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kansas Community Memorial Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kinmundy Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kitchell Memorial Library (Morrisonville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lawrence Public Library District (Lawrenceville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lebanon Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Loda Township Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library (Highland) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lovington Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Madison Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mahomet Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marion Carnegie Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marissa Area Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maroa Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marrowbone Public Library District (Bethany) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marshall Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Martinsville Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maryville Community Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mascoutah Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mason City Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mattoon Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
McCoy Memorial Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Metropolis Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Milford District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Millstadt Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mississippi Valley LD-Collinsville Library Center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mississippi Valley LD-Fairmont City Library Center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Morrison-Talbott Library (Waterloo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mounds Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Moweaqua Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Moyer District Library (Gibson City) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Carmel Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Olive Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Pulaski Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nashville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Neoga District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Athens District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Baden Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Newman Regional Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Newton Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nokomis Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Norris City Memorial Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oakwood Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ogden Rose Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Olney Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onarga Community Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Palestine Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paris Carnegie Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Patoka Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paxton Carnegie Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Petersburg Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Philo Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pinckneyville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Piper City Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Potomac Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ramsey Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rantoul Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Red Bud Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rick Warren Memorial PLD (Elkville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Riverton Village Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Robinson PLD - Hutsonville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Robinson PLD - Oblong Public Library Branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Robinson PLD - Susie Wesley Library (Flat Rock) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Robinson Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rochester Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roodhouse Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rosiclare Memorial Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roxana Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Royalton Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sallie Logan Public Library (Murphysboro) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sesser Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shawneetown Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shelbyville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sheldon Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sherman Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sidell District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sidney Community Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Six Mile Regional LD-Delmar Avenue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Six Mile Regional LD-Johnson Road xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Smithton Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
South County Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
South Macon Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sparta Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Elmo PLD - Beecher City Branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Elmo PLD - Brownstown Branch Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Elmo Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Joseph Township Swearingen Memorial Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Staunton Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Steeleville Area Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stinson Memorial Public Library District (Anna) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stonington Township Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sumpter Township Library (Toledo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Taylorville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tilden Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tolono Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Trenton Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tri-City Public Library District (Buffalo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tri-Township Public Library District (Troy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuscola Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Valmeyer Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vance Township Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Venice Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vespasian Warner Public Library District (Clinton) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vienna Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watseka Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wayne City Kissner Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Weldon Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
West Frankfort Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
West Salem Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
West Sangamon Public Library District (New Berlin) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
West Union District Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Westville Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
White Hall Township Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Williamsville Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Willow Branch Township Library (Cisco) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windsor Storm Memorial Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wolf Lake Branch Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wood River Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Worden Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Zeigler Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cairo Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Witt Township Memorial Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Champaign Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hillsboro Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Homer Community Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Litchfield Public Library District xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pawnee Public Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Urbana Free Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Name 15-Mar16-Mar17-Mar18-Mar19-Mar20-Mar21-Mar22-Mar23-Mar24-Mar25-Mar26-Mar27-Mar28-Mar29-Mar30-Mar31-Mar1-Apr
Arcola 306-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arcola 306-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Argenta-Oreana 1-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Argenta-Oreana 1-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Armstrong Twp 225-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arthur 305-ALAH High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arthur 305-Atwood-Hammond Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arthur 305-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arthur 305-Lovington Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Athens 213-Cantrall Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Athens 213-Cantrall Intermediate School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Athens 213-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bement 5-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Benton 103-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bismarck-Henning 1-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bismarck-Henning 1-Jr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bunker Hill 8-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bunker Hill 8-Wolf Ridge Education Center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cahokia 187-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale 165-Community High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale 95-Lewis School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale 95-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale 95-Thomas Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carbondale-Parrish Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carlinville 1-Intermediate School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carlyle 1-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carlyle 1-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carlyle 1-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carmi-White County 5-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carrollton 1-Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carrollton 1-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Casey-Monroe School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Casey-Westfield Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central AM-Bond Primary (Assumption) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central AM-Gregory Intermediate School (Moweaqua) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central AM-High School (Moweaqua) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central AM-Middle School (Assumption) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central High School (Breese) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central O'Fallon-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Central O'Fallon-Joseph Arthur Middle S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Centralia High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Champaign-Centennial High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Champaign-Central High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charleston High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chebanse Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chrisman-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chrisman-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clay City CUSD #10 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clinton-Douglas Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clinton-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clinton-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clinton-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clinton-Lincoln Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-American Dreamer STEM Academy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Baum Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Dennis Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Dennis Kaleidoscope School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Durfee Magnet School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Eisenhower High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Enterprise Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Franklin Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Hope Academy School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Johns Hill Magnet School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Learning Resource Center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-MacArthur High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Montessori Academy of Peace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Muffley Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Oak Grove Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Parsons Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-South Shores Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Stephen Decatur Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Decatur-Stevenson Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DeLand-Weldon CUSD #57 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dieterich CU #30 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Donovan-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Donovan-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dupo High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DuQuoin High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Eldorado High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fisher Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gibault Catholic High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gillespie-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grayville Schools xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Greenfield-Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Greenfield-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hamilton County Jr.-Sr. HS (McLeansboro) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg-East Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg-West Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Highland High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hoopeston-Area High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hoopeston-Area Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hoopeston-John Greer Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hoopeston-Maple Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illini Central Grade School (Mason City) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Iroquois West-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Iroquois West-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jersey-Community High School (Jerseyville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jersey-East Elementary (Jerseyville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jersey-Grafton Elementary (Grafton) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jersey-Illini Middle School (Jerseyville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jersey-West Elementary (Jerseyville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Johnston City High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kansas K-12 School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lebanon-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lebanon-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln Community High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln-Central School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln-Northwest School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lincoln-Washington-Monroe School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Litchfield High-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Madison-Bernard Long Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maroa-Forsyth-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maroa-Forsyth-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maroa-Forsyth-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marshall-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marshall-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marshall-North Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marshall-South Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Martinsville Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mater Dei High School (Breese) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mattoon-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mattoon-Senior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Meridican High School Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Milford Area Public Schools xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monticello-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monticello-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monticello-Washington Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monticello-White Heath Elem School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Olive School District #5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Pulaski-Elementary School Learning Center xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Pulaski-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Vernon Township High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion-Intermediate School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mt. Zion-McGaughey School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Murphysboro-Carruthers Elementary Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Murphysboro-General John A. Logan School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Murphysboro-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Murphysboro-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nashville Community High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nashville Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Neoga-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Neoga-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Berlin-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Berlin-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Newton-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Newton-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Northwestern-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Northwestern-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oakland CUSD #5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Odin School District #722 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Carriel Junior High xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Evans Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Fulton Junior High xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Hinchcliffe Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Kampmeyer Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Moye Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
O'Fallon-Schaefer Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Okaw Valley-Elementary School (Bethany) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Okaw Valley-High School (Bethany) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Okaw Valley-Middle School (Findlay) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paris Cooperative High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pope County-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pope County-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Porta Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ramsey-Grade School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ramsey-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Richland County High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Riverton-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Riverton-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Riverton-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roxana-Central Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roxana-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roxana-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roxana-South Roxana Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sacred Heart-Griffin High School (Springfield) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Salem Community High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Salt Fork-High School (Catlin) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Salt Fork-North Elementary School (Catlin) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sangamon Valley High School (Niantic) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Selmaville School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shelbyville-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shelbyville-Main Street Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shelbyville-Moulton Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shiloh School K-12 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Signal Hill School District #181 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Southwestern-Brighton North Primary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Southwestern-High School (Piasa) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Southwestern-Medora Intermediate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Southwestern-Shipman Elementary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Joseph Ogden High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Joseph-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Joseph-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
St. Teresa High School (Decatur) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stewardson-Strasburg K-12 School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sullivan High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Taylorville-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Taylorville-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Taylorville-Memorial Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Taylorville-North Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Teutopolis-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Teutopolis-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Triad High School (Troy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuscola-Community High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuscola-East Prairie Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuscola-North Ward Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unity Point Elementary School (Carbondale) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unity-East Elementary School (Philo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unity-High School (Tolono) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unity-Junior High School (Tolono) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unity-West Elementary School (Tolono) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vandalia-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vandalia-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vandalia-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Villa Grove Schools xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Waterloo High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watseka-Glenn Raymond School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watseka-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wesclin-High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wesclin-Middle School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Westville High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Whiteside-Elementary (Belleville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Whiteside-Middle School (Belleville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Williamsville-Junior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Williamsville-Middle School Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Williamsville-Senior High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Williamsville-Sherman Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windsor-Elementary School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windsor-Jr-Sr High School xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Name 15-Mar16-Mar17-Mar18-Mar19-Mar20-Mar21-Mar22-Mar23-Mar24-Mar25-Mar26-Mar27-Mar28-Mar29-Mar30-Mar31-Mar1-Apr
Blackburn College (Carlinville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
John A. Logan College Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kaskaskia College Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lake Land College (Mattoon) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lakeview College Of Nursing Library (Danville) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rend Lake College Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shawnee Community College Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Name 15-Mar16-Mar17-Mar18-Mar19-Mar20-Mar21-Mar22-Mar23-Mar24-Mar25-Mar26-Mar27-Mar28-Mar29-Mar30-Mar31-Mar1-Apr
Asian Educational Media Service (Urbana) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Giertz Education Center at Krannert Art Museum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hanson Professional Services Inc. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illinois Association of School Boards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illinois Department of Transportation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Illinois State Museum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sacred Heart Convent (Springfield) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Scott Air Force Base Library xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Springfield Art Association xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Supreme Court of Illinois Library (Springfield) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SIUE East St. Louis LRC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx