Discount Product Sections
43.5% Trade Hardcover
40.0% Trade Quality Paperbacks
40.0% Mass Market Paperbacks
15.0% Library Bindings
10.0% Short Discounted Titles
0-45.0% Spoken Word Audio *

DVD I Blu-ray (Discount based on List Price of item): **

35.0% < $14.99
30.0% $15.00-$19.99
25.0% $20.00 +
0.0% Net Titles

* Eighty to eighty-five percent of all Spoken Word Audio is at the 45.2% discount;
however, some Spoken Word Audio is short discounted by the publisher.

**Although the majority of Ingram's DVD inventory is eligible for the maximum discounts,
some titles receive smaller discounts. ipage ®, our web-based tool, provides title discount

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