Days closed notifications

Delivery to schools has resumed. As we begin a new school year, please be sure to notify your Operations Manager of any days you DO NOT want delivery.

Public libraries it is also important for you to let us know when you DO NOT want delivery. Please note if we have access via a key or an alarm code, unless otherwise notified, we will deliver on your regularly scheduled delivery day even if you are closed.



Search for your route by entering your library name followed by the word delivery in the

"Search the IHLS Website" box on the right. Example:  Glen Carbon delivery

Your search will turn up several results. One of the results will be your hub's delivery on that and it will take you to your route. 


IHLS Acceptable Items for Delivery

IHLS Acceptable Items for Delivery

1.       Library materials, defined as items that are classified, cataloged, and available for loan.

2.       Items sent out from the Illinois State Library (ISL), or the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) or IHLS.

IHLS Unacceptable Items for Delivery

1.       Items that are individually addressed and can be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.

2.       Library newsletters which may be mailed, exchanged at networking group meetings, or obtained online.

3.       Bulk items intended for distribution to the public.

Delivery must be used for the transport of requested library items only.



About IHLS Delivery:

IHLS provides delivery of library materials to member libraries from three delivery hubs, primarily based upon the existing LLSAP coverage areas. The delivery system and routes are continually evaluated to determine the most efficient methods of delivery to system members.

A presentation on delivery in IHLS was presented to the IHLS board at the August 2011 board meeting. You can view that presentation here.

Refer to this page for information on what items may be sent through System delivery.


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  • Du Quoin Hub Delivery/Operations Manager Faith Jones (phone: 618-985-3711 ext.603)
  • Champaign Hub Delivery and Decatur Area Delivery/Operations Manager Chris Janvrin (phone: 217-352-0047 ext.718)
  • Edwardsville Hub Delivery/Operations Manager Linda Petty (phone: 618-656-3216 ext.412)