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Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) Delivery Service is provided to support resource sharing among Illinois libraries. IHLS ships   6.4 million items annually between IHLS member libraries and through Illinois library resource sharing networks.

The IHLS Delivery Service consists of three regional hubs, each serving a specific geographic area. Champaign, DuQuoin and Edwardsville.




IHLS Delivery Service Mission Statement & Vision:

The Illinois Heartland Library System Delivery Service is committed to delivering library materials in a timely and efficient manner. It is our goal, with the cooperation of member libraries, to get items into library patron hands as quickly as possible.


“Delivering Possibilities to Libraries”


New Delivery Customer Ticketing Software

New Customer Ticketing Software has arrived!

IHLS delivery staff have been testing our new customer ticketing software and are now at the stage where we feel we can release it to everyone.  We ask that you please be patient! We are confident that any “bugs” will be worked out, as our members begin to utilize the software.

The customer ticketing software is a help desk for delivery and we hope it will be quite useful. For instance, you are needing to let us know that your parking lot is being paved and our driver needs to park somewhere else. Simply open up your library’s email and send an email to , in the subject field; put the name of your library and then simply state your message to delivery staff in the body of the message. Be sure to use your address associated with your L2 ( account. If you accidentally send it from an “unrecognized” email address, the system will route it to delivery staff.

On our end your email is routed to your hub’s delivery manager who will respond directly to your message. Please note once your email is sent nothing can be deleted from this system. There will always be a record of your request and our interaction with you.

The software allows us to track “types” of emails. Perhaps members are experiencing a large number of damaged items, we can track by location and modify our internal processes. Or maybe we see a pattern that the damaged items seem only to come from one location. Again, that helps us address the problem.

You may also send an email praising something a driver has done or particularly a good service that was given. Just shoot us an email!

Do not hesitate to contact your delivery hub manager or Susan Palmer, Operations Director with any questions or concerns.



Operations Director

Susan Palmer
(618) 656-3216 ext. 409

Administrative Assistant Angela Thompson
(217) 352-0047 ext. 720


Champaign Hub Delivery

Operations Manager Chris Janvrin
(217) 352-0047 ext. 718

Operations Assistant Kathy McGonigle
(217) 352-0047 ext. 712


DuQuoin Hub Delivery

Operations Manager Beverly Miller
(618) 985-3711 ext. 603

Operations Assistant Arlanna Fries
(618) 985-3711 ext. 602


Edwardsville Hub Delivery

Operations Manager Linda Petty
(618) 656-3216 ext. 412

Operations Assistant Stacie Bushong
(618) 656-3216 ext. 447

Protecting Media Cases

The IHLS Delivery Team is aware of ongoing concerns with the breakage of media cases when items are sent through delivery. Even though most original media cases are not designed to travel through shipping, as a courtesy to our members, each hub actively replaces severely damaged media cases when our staff comes across them. We are also implementing a new procedure this month to potentially further alleviate breakage. All media materials traveling hub to hub via ILDS will be packed together in ILDS pink tubs lined with bubble wrap. We want to show our members that we are actively taking every precaution to protect your items. Please remember the Illinois State Library Delivery Advisory Committee recommendations state packaging for item safety and to minimize breakage is the responsibility of the owning library. However the IHLS Delivery Team wants you to know we are making every effort to  partner with you to keep items intact.

To further assist our members we have researched packaging and found an inexpensive option that may appeal to some of you. ULINE  1-800-295-5510.  Web address   Item number S-10395.  Item name DVD CASE MAILERS.  Price $.49 each.  Available in bundles of 50,100, or 500.  For these quantities the price does not change. Plus another option can be found here


IHLS Text Messaging System

Delivery not running. Hub closed. Routes canceled. Are these things you wish you knew? We now have an easy way to find out. Text alerts!
To sign up for the service, you simply need to send a text to 84483 with one of the following keywords:

  • Champaign (for the Champaign hub notifications)
  • DuQuoin (for the Du Quoin hub notifications)
  • Edwardsville (for the Edwardsville hub notifications) 

If we have a system wide notification, we will send it out to all of the hub locations. Alternatively, you may simply open your browser and go to Once there, search for our organization (Illinois Heartland Library System) and then you are able to sign up. You may sign up for text alerts and/or email alerts. 

That’s it! We promise not to inundate you with frivolous texts, just closings/delays. We are hoping to use this to keep you informed along with, of course, posting closings/delays on the website. There are just times that getting to the website is not convenient.
There is no cost to sign up, and regular service provider message rates apply.
Feel free to contact us with any questions/comments/woo woos!

No Delivery Notifications

Delivery runs on two IHLS holidays, President's Day and Veteran's day. It is imperative that you let your hub Operation Manager know if you DO NOT want delivery these days or any other day. Routes are planned based on this information. 

Public libraries it is also important for you to let us know any time you DO NOT want delivery. Please note if we have access via a key or an alarm code, unless otherwise notified, we will deliver on your regularly scheduled delivery day even if you are closed.


Find Your Route with a Simple Search

Search for your route by entering your library name followed by the word delivery in the

"Search the IHLS Website" box on the right. Example:  Glen Carbon delivery

Your search will turn up several results. One of the results will be your hub's delivery on that and it will take you to your route. 


IHLS Acceptable Items for Delivery

IHLS Acceptable Items for Delivery

1.       Library materials, defined as items that are classified, cataloged, and available for loan.

2.       Items sent out from the Illinois State Library (ISL), or the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) or IHLS.

IHLS Unacceptable Items for Delivery

1.       Items that are individually addressed and can be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.

2.       Library newsletters which may be mailed, exchanged at networking group meetings, or obtained online.

3.       Bulk items intended for distribution to the public.

Delivery must be used for the transport of requested library items only.

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