Board Members

James D. Matthews

Mahomet Public Library
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (309) 556-3571 • Email:

I was born in Detroit Michigan and moved to Illinois in 1986 when I began teaching at Illinois Wesleyan University where I am completing my 26th year of service as an Associate Professor of French, and where I have also served 7 1/2 years as Dean of Students during which I managed a multi-million dollar budget. I volunteered to complete a term of service on the Board of Trustees for the Mahomet Public Library in 2007 as a way to give back to the community following the death of our 16-year old son in 2006. John had special needs and the public library was one of the few public spaces in which he could function as well as his non-delayed peers. I was elected to a full term on the Board in 2010. I have participated in two ballot referendums, the second of which secured funding for a new library in Mahomet. I was actively involved in the planning and construction of the our new facility that opened in August 2010. In my work as a college professor, I have come to understand that deficiencies in information literacy are among the greatest weaknesses students bring with them to higher education, and I have worked with librarians at IWU and in Mahomet to assist students and patrons in learning how to obtain the best information available. In an era of continuing economic challenge, the cultivation of human resources in library staff and directors must remain a high priority; contrary to popular belief, quality information does not retrieve itself. I very much enjoy serving as a trustee and would look forward to serving the people of Illinois.

Karen Bounds

Vice President
Centralia High School
School Library Representative
Phone: (618) 532-7391 ext. 3086 • Email:

My name is Karen Bounds. I have been employed by Centralia High School for 19 years and was a K-12 librarian in the Edinburg district for 6 years prior to that. My educational background is as follows: Bachelors degree, University of Illinois; Masters Degree in Education, Southern Illinois University; Masters in Library and Information Technology, University of Illinois. I was part of the Synergy 2008 class. I have lived in Centralia most of my life and participate in a number of community organizations as I do believe in giving back to my community. My other interests include but are not limited to: photography, music, cycling, golf and reading, of course!

Jacob Roskovensky

Charleston High School
School Library Representative
Phone: (217) 639-5012 • Email:

Jacob Roskovensky, High School Library Media Specialist for the Charleston Community Unit School District #1, earned his bachelors degree in Library Media Services K-12 from Indiana State University in 2006 and his master’s degree in Educational Instructional Media from Wilkes University in 2010. Jacob is a member of the Charleston Education Association and ISLMA. Jacob truly believes that powerful libraries do make powerful learners. He feels that each library in the multi-type system has a vital role, and should be a contributing member. Jacob appreciates all of the libraries; he works in a building with 788 students, but has served a building as large as 1,800 students and as small as 310 students. He has taught all grade levels in his career. While he is proficient in the use of technology, he still sees the importance of social interaction and would enjoy hearing from anyone.

Nancy Huntley

Lincoln Library, Springfield
Public Library Representative
Phone: (217) 753-4921 • Email:

Lynda Clemmons

Harrisburg District Library
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (618) 252-3685 • Email:

Lynda Clemmons has served on the Harrisburg District Library Board of Trustees since 1999. During her tenure, she served as Board President for two terms. She has also served on the former Shawnee Library System Board of Directors. Mrs. Clemmons retired from teaching English at Harrisburg High School in 1993. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Vassar College and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Southern Illinois University. As a volunteer, she has been active with the Friends of the Library and the art committee of the library. She also serves on the board of the Southeastern Illinois College Cultural Arts Board.

Gary Denue

Edwardsville Public Library
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (618) 656-4941 • Email:

James Fenton

Carlinville Public Library
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (217) 854-4072 • Email:

James Fenton has been President of the Carlinville Public Library Board of Trustees for over 25 years, and a member of that Board for more than 30 years. He was on the Lewis and Clark Board, off and on, since the early 1990s, serving a total of more than 14 years. He served one term as President of the Lewis and Clark System Board and was filling a vacancy on this Board at the time of the library system dissolution and merger into IHLS. He taught high school in Wilmington, Ill for two years and Carlinville for 35 years. He taught history and government and was athletic director. He helped start the scholastic team program in Carlinville and is a member of the Scholastic Bowl Coaches Hall of Fame. He has degrees from Ill. State and Western Ill Univ and has done graduate work at SIU in Edwardsville and Sangamon State (now Univ of Ill Springfield). After retiring as a teacher he did financial work for the Carlinville Board for another 11 years. As a member of the Lions club he has been a local and district officer for many years and edited the Lions of Illinois state magazine for 13 years.

Valerie Green

Barclay Public Library District
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (217) 672-3397 • Email:

Ms. Green has served as a Board of Trustee member for 15 years and as president for the past 14 years. She has served library systems for over 6 years as a board member as well as president. She participated in the southern systems merger talks, the southern system planning panel, and served as vice-president of the IHLS transition board. Ms. Green has attended legislative days, trustee forums, small pubs conferences, ILA conferences, various workshops and legal forums on behalf of the members she serves. She has participated in numerous groups and organizations while emphasizing the importance of libraries, its services, its relevance to education for all ages, and its ability to improve communities.

Susan Justice

Eldorado Memorial Public Library District
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (618) 273-9858 • Email:

George Trammell

Marion Public Library
Public Library Trustee Representative
Phone: (618) 997-6311 • Email:

I have served as the President & CEO of the Marion Chamber of Commerce for the past 14 years. In that time I have also served as President of the Rotary Club of Marion, Marion Main Street, Marion Carnegie Library, and my church. I currently serve as treasurer of Marion Main Street, Southern Illinois Regional Chamber of Commerce Directors, Route #13 Marketing Committee, and my church. The Illinois Heartland Library System’s Transition Board of Directors has laid the frame work for the incoming board. Now it’s time for the new board to move the system forward is a way that is beneficial to all it’s members. I believe that my experience will allow me to help and am willing to serve in any role the board chooses.

Leander Spearman

Belleville Public Library
Public Library Representative
Phone: (618) 234-0441 ext. 13 • Email:

Leander Spearman is Director of the Belleville Public Library. He has 19 years of experience working in public and academic libraries and has held every position from shelver to director. Mr. Spearman has volunteer and board experience at Wesley House, Annie Malone Children’s Home, and Upsilon Omega Foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master in Library Science degree and has 4 years study toward a degree in mechanical engineering.​

Rachel Fuller

Rochester Community Unit School District 3A
School Library Representative
Phone: (309) 221-9629 • Email:

Ms. Fuller has a unique role at a school library and a public library. In addition to her work as the director of library and media services at the Rochester Community Unit School District, she is also the adult program coordinator at the Rochester Public Library. Because she is employed in both a K-12 school district and public library, Ms. Fuller has experience working with both SHARE and non-SHARE IHLS libraries. Prior to her time at Rochester, she worked at Riverton High School as a library media specialist and received the 2011 ISLMA Scholarship. She served as a member of the IHLS Advisory Council and was selected as a member of the 2013 ILEAD USA Instructor Corps.

Sandra West

Rend Lake College
Academic Library Representative
Phone: (618) 437-5321 ext. 1249 • Email:

Ms. West is responsible for collection development including selection and acquisitions of library material, cataloging and processing the material for circulation. She manages budgets for the library's print and audiovisual collections. Ms. West works closely with the college’s academic departments to build collections to support the educational endeavors of the students, faculty, and staff. She holds a B.A. in Business and Leadership from Judson College and regularly attends cataloging and circulation meetings for SHARE members. She currently sits on the SHARE Bibliographic and Cataloging Standards Committee. "Serving on the IHLS Board would broaden my current understanding of the IHLS function and support of member libraries."

Sarah Isaacs

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse
Special Library Representative
Phone: (217) 268-9875 • Email: