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This year, we are excited to bring to you the Illinois Heartland Library System Fiscal Year 2022 Draft Budget and Budget Narrative using OpenGov. OpenGov is our new cloud-based budgeting tool that provides easy access to data and information for both staff members and library members like you. Each chart is interactive in such a way that you can hover over chart components to highlight them or you can click the chart to explore more data.

Additionally, we present you with our FY2022 Draft Operational Plan. The Operational Plan includes...

Published 4/30/2021 11:07 AM CT, updated 5/10/2021  1:55 PM CT

IHLS SchoolsThe end of the school year is quickly approaching, and Illinois Heartland Library System's delivery service to schools for this 2020-21 school year will end Friday, May 14, 2021. Please remember to return any extra bags and tubs to your IHLS hub. If your students return items after the final pick-up, you can return them to any local public library. If your school will be conducting summer sessions and you would like library delivery, please...

Published 5/7/2021 3:55 PM CT

Friday Library Link RoundupWe've crawled the web for the most useful library links, curated for the librarians of Illinois. In this Library Link Roundup, check out the more circulated comics, reads for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the pros and cons of libraries on TikTok, life and funding during the pandemic, and more.

Published 5/3/2021 1:33 PM CT

The SHARE Annual Agreements for FY2022, including renewal for the SHARE cloudLibrary, have been sent electronically. If you did not receive your SHARE Annual Agreement or you need a paper copy mailed, please contact Cassandra Thompson

Looking to add e-resources to your SHARE membership?

Participation in the SHARE cloudLibrary gives your community members access to over 73,000 ebooks and e-audiobooks, downloadable instantly through the SHARE catalog and the bibliotheca cloudLibrary app. To learn more, visit the SHARE E-Resources page or contact Lesley Zavediuk.

Published 4/20/2021 10:50 CT

If you're an eRead Illinois participant, it's time for renewal! Check your mailbox for renewal instructions from RAILS. Or, go to the eRead Illinois website, log in with your L2 account information, and fill out the form to complete your renewal. For more information about the program, go to

Join eRead Illinois for the July 1 year and receive up to two months FREE

Whether eRead Illinois is your library’s only source of e-books or an additional source, participation provides your library’s community with access to a shared collection of over 54,000 e-books and e-audiobooks through Axis 360.

Library Human Resources Webinar Series, brought to you by IHLS Illinois Heartland Library System and presented by HR Source

April 22  •  May 20  •  June 17, 2021

IHLS has partnered with the human resource experts at HR Source to bring IHLS members a series of webinars on important HR topics. Join us for one or all.

Published 4/12/2021 5:00 PM CT

Delivery UpdateIllinois Heartland Library System and the IHLS Delivery Working Group are pleased to announce that, in light of a recent update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the transmission of fomites on physical surfaces, we are ending the IHLS quarantine of physical items and tubs beginning Tuesday, April 13. As always, libraries remain free to decide their in-library policies and procedures, including whether or not to use any length of quarantine time within their libraries.

"We've been thinking about ending the quarantine for some time," said IHLS Delivery Director Susan Palmer...

Published 4/2/2021 6:00 AM CT, Updated 4/13/2021 1:35 PM CT

We're getting a new phone answering system. Soon you'll be able to contact IHLS staff with better reliability and ease--no matter where their desks are located.New auto-attendant up and running, old extensions no longer in service

We are pleased to share that IHLS has a new phone system. We can now receive your call even if our desks are located outside of the office or we’re working away from our desks.

Published 4/8/2021 2:20 PM CT,  Updated 4/14/2021 11:10 AM CT

Public Libraries are still serving our communities (video thumbnail)Illinois Heartland Library System, Illinois Library Association, and WSIU Public Television: WSIU • WUSI • WSEC • WMEC • WQEC

Illinois public libraries are continuing to serve our communities with e-books, curbside service, online and take-home programs, Wi-Fi, homeschool resources, and more--a message brought to the public television viewers of central and southern Illinois during the April 5-7 airing of Hemingway. This new documentary film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick explores...

published 3/25/2021 3:31 PM CT

The fiscal year 2020-21 Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) survey is now open. Each public library is required to submit the IPLAR 60 days after the library’s fiscal year end.

Published 3/25/2021

The ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Statistical Survey for FY2020 (July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020) is currently open. The survey is to be completed by May 15.

Published 3/19/2021  6:13 PM CT

Movie popcornSwank Movie Licensing provides public libraries and certain other institutions with the licensing needed to legally show films from the major Hollywood studios in their buildings to engage and entertain patrons. For 2021, there is also an exception to the license to use some films outdoors on library property!

By signing up for Swank Movie Licensing through this partnership with IHLS, your library will receive a discounted rate, giving you the best value in movie licensing and the ability to expand film programming for patrons.

Published 3/19/2021 4:50 PM CT

IHLS Delivery drivers have recently reported several instances of libraries leaving over-filled tubs of materials for IHLS pickup. Overfilling tubs can result in damage to materials as the materials are crushed or exposed to rain and snow. Additionally, it creates a hazard for delivery drivers when stacking and transporting the tubs. 
We understand libraries are anxious to get their items out as soon as possible. However, for the benefit of all, we ask that you please fill tubs only as full as they can properly be closed. 
If you need additional tubs, we have some. Please be sure to reach out to your delivery hub manager. Additionally, libraries can send materials in boxes. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Published 2/9/2021 4:08 PM CT

Certification Tutorial Video ThumbnailLibraries that are members of a regional library system are required by statute to annually certify that they are compliant with the membership criteria as set forth in the Illinois Administrative Code (23 ILAC 3030.200). In conjunction with this certification, all libraries are also required to complete the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Statistical Survey.

The window for certification will open on Monday, Feb. 15, and will remain open through Saturday, May 15. This year, it will not be done through a dedicated website, but through your library’s account in Library Learning (L2). 

image of Serving Our Public 4.0

IHLS has received another 100 copies of ILA's Serving Our Public 4.0: Standards for Illinois Public Libraries books. These books are now available for IHLS Members to purchase at a discounted price.

Updated 1/8/2021 12:00 PM CT

IL Library Laws & Rules book coverCopies of the 2020 ILA Illinois Library Laws & Rules are still available to purchase. This essential compilation includes all current laws and rules affecting library service in Illinois.

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