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Membership Requirements & Essentials

photographic representations of school, academic, public, and specila library types

This section is under development.

Library System Membership

This section is under development, but this is where we plan to have pages for each of our library types, plus trustees, with links to membership essentials. We want to create a place where everything a new librarian or trustee needs to know on day one can be found on a single page. Eventually, you'll find information including:

  • Becoming a library system member
  • Requirements for the annual library certification and retaining system membership
  • Nonresident car program and fees
  • Illinois Public Library
  • Area per capita grants
  • Interlibrary loan and reciprocal borrowing
  • Continuing education resources
  • And more!

Find these pages in the navigation bar on this page.

Additional Links 

Illinois Library System Act. This act lays out the criteria for membership in an Illinois library system.

L2 Library Directory & Learning Calendar. This website, maintained by RAILS staff, is where Illinois library people can schedule and register for events, as well as look up libraries and library staff across the state. This is also where library system members apply for re-certification.