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one-on-one consultations with IHLS experts

IHLS staff members are available to discuss your questions and concerns, provide direction and resources, and brainstorm or advise on new ideas. From developing diverse collections to board relations to marketing and (soon to come) finance and human resources, you can book a time with our staff and pick our brains.* 

*System staff cannot offer advice in areas such as law and construction. However, we can still point you in the direction of resources.

Consult an Expert

Human Resources Experts Now Available for Online Consultation Booking
The Library Expert is in!
I Need a Library Expert

Contact the IHLS membership team with what type of help you're looking for, and we'll get back to you by email or with a request for a meeting.

Email the IHLS Membership Team




The Library Expert is in!
I Need a Business-Area Expert

IHLS has expanded our consulting program through dedicated office hours with professional staff! We're starting with our experts in human resources and marketing/communications, with more in IT and finance to be added in the coming months! Book a time now with someone who can help.

Book a Consultation

Can't make an appointment during our consultants' office hours? No problem. Contact our Membership Team to get in touch with an IHLS staffer who is best suited to your needs.