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Annual Certification & ILLINET Traffic Survey

for Members

All libraries belonging to a multitype library system must certify each year that they meet the requirements of system membership as outlined in the Illinois Administrative Code. For 2024, certification begins on Jan. 3 and ends on March 31. During this time, the library director or other designated certification contact must complete the certification form on the Library Directory & Learning Calendar (commonly called L2) website. This page will guide you through that process and provide troubleshooting links if you have difficulty.

Step 1: All libraries must complete the Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey. 

You can access the survey at Illinois State Library LibPAS Portal. Even if your library or school district does no interlibrary loan, completion of this survey is still required.

  • If your library is a SHARE member, your interlibrary loan statistics are available in system reports; there are tutorials available at ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey Instructions & Demo.
  • If your library is not a SHARE member, you must use your automation software to compile your interlibrary loan statistics.
  • If your library does not do any interlibrary loan, most of the questions will not apply to you, but you must answer them by saying no or not applicable.

If you need assistance with login or password for the interlibrary loan survey, contact or call ISL/Library Development at 217-524-8836. 

For help with this survey if you are not a SHARE member, please reach out to your system membership contact—Leah Gregory (schools), Ellen Popit (publics and academics), Kate Kite (publics and specials)—at or 618.656.3216.

Step 2: All libraries must complete annual certification.

This is done through the Library Directory & Learning Calendar (L2). The certification form verifies that the library is compliant with the membership criteria outlined in the Illinois Administrative Code. Your organization’s certification personnel, as identified in L2, will be contacted to complete certification. Once your certification contact is logged in, that account will have the link that will enable you to complete the certification process. If you need a password, please follow the password reset instructions at Library Learning. If the certification contact needs to be changed, either to another person, another email address, or any other change, please reach out to your membership contact at the system.

Please remember that this task certifies the library’s compliance with system membership criteria as stated in Illinois Law and makes the district eligible for system services as well as grants from the Illinois State Library. If you cannot answer yes to the certification contacts, please reach out to your system membership contact. Please note that certification applies to your entire library organization or district, not a singular building.
Designated Certification Contacts

Designated certification contacts should see a link to the certification form on the L2 homepage and the Account >> My Dashboard page when logged in. If you are a library director or are the person who typically completes certification for your library, but you do not see the certification link:

  1. Go to My Dashboard.
  2. Click Edit in your location affiliation.
  3. Scroll down to the Key Contact - Regional System section and check Certification Contact.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Public, academic, and special libraries are finished with annual certification once this step is completed. School libraries have a third step to complete.

Step 3: School libraries must answer the certification questions for their entire district for the School Library Data Project.

The certification process asks some additional questions of school libraries to collect information for the School Library Data Project. Please answer these questions about your entire district, not a singular building. If you have difficulty answering these questions about your school library, please contact your system membership contact for assistance.


Download the Illinois School Library Certification Checklist



For Further Directions and Help:


For certification questions, please contact our Membership Team certification contacts—Ellen Popit, Kate Kite, and Leah Gregory—at or 618.656.3216. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!


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