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Current Issues in Librarianship

A Resource Guide Collection for Illinois Libraries

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It can be tough to keep up. These resource guides can help.

It can be tough to keep up with all we need to know about issues that arise in library work, but IHLS is making it a little easier with a series of resource guides on current issues in librarianship. Use the links below or in the menu to explore new and long-standing library topics, as well as to find tool kits and other resources that can help your library provide quality library services. Additional resource guides will be added regularly, as new topics arise. 

"Censored" stamp over a book (blue line-art drawing)

Censorship and Book Challenges in Libraries

Added January 2022

Illinois Heartland Library System supports AISLE in opposing attempts to censor or remove books from school libraries. Read the full statement and find resources on book challenges and intellectual freedom in school and other libraries.

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COVID-19 Updates & Resources for Illinois Libraries

Added April 2020

There's so much to know about COVID-19, so IHLS staff have put together a resource guide to make it a little easier.

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Telling the Library Story

This resource guide is under development