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Illinois Library Laws & Rules

We have copies of the Illinois Library Laws & Rules, 2024 Edition, available at a discounted rate. Don't miss this opportunity to save up to 50% on this crucial resource.

AMHS Updates

IHLS is getting an Automated Material-Handling System! Here's what your library needs to know.


IHLS has a menu of tools and resources to help Illinois libraries provide outstanding services. In addition to free functional 5-day interlibrary delivery, library staff can take continuing education classes, access grant and tool databases, and more.

Book Challenges Resource Guide

In response to the recent increase of challenges on library materials, IHLS has developed a resource guide. Here, you’ll find information focused on preparing for challenges and how to respond when a challenge is made.

Who are we?


Member Libraries in Central & Southern Illinois


Illinois Heartland Library System is a state agency that helps 520+ member libraries deliver exceptional service to their communities.

As one of two multi-type systems in Illinois, we are a support partner for public, school, academic, and special libraries and the library staff and trustees that work for them.

28,268 Square Miles

IHLS services over 28,000 square miles and the libraries of 2.16 million Illinois residents!

IHLS Staff overhead view -- Illinois Heartland Library System logo is seen in the background

Imagining Tomorrow

Delivering Possibilities


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Delivering Possibilities Today

IHLS members are part of a robust interlibrary loan system that spans the entire state—something unique to Illinois! Any Illinois resident with a library card from a system-member library can freely request and obtain materials from any other system-member library in Illinois.

And, because all library patrons deserve to receive their holds quickly, our reliable five-day delivery service is offered to all member libraries.

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