Please comment on the following addition to IHLS policies

At the January meeting of the Illinois Heartland Library System, two items were approved by the board in a first reading and are now being sent out for member comment.

The second item approved by the board for member comment was a policy created to address requests that come to the system for sponsorships and endorsements.

Draft Endorsements and Sponsorships Policy
All requests for endorsements (support without funds) and sponsorships (support with funds) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests for endorsements and sponsorships in amounts less than $1,000.00 will be approved at the discretion of the Executive Director. Requests for sponsorships greater than $1,000.00 will be brought to the board for consideration and formal action. All requests will be considered in the light of providing the greatest good to IHLS membership.


Library Name: 
Trenton Public Library

Library Name: 
Edwardsville Public Library
Sounds appropriate to me.

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