Please comment proposed IHLS Bylaws Change

At the January meeting of the Illinois Heartland Library System, two items were approved by the board in a first reading and are now being sent out for member comment.

The first item is a revision of the board by-laws.  Article VIII of the bylaws that were approved in July, 2011 called for the establishment of Advisory Councils.   In reality, that was never a successful model for IHLS and in July, 2016 we began holding “Members Matter” meetings at locations throughout the system.  The revision approved by the board reflects the movement from the Advisory Council Model to the “Members Matters” meetings

Article VIII: Membership Input
The Executive Director shall hold regularly scheduled meetings for system members at rotating sites throughout the system.

The purpose of these meeting is to:

  1. ​Gather input and feedback from members regarding current System services and initiatives.
  2. Offer an additional opportunity for communication and networking with and among membership.
  3. Provide a forum in which suggestions can be made for the consideration of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.

These meetings will be held on a bi-monthly schedule at geographically diverse locations throughout the system. Videoconference sites will be open to enable members from throughout the system to attend in several locations. As they become available and effective, other electronic methods of connectivity will be implemented to offer other meeting options for members.


Library Name: 
Lincoln Public Library District
Having served on advisory councils at the Rolling Prairie LS, I personally believe that Members Matters is a good idea and a step in the right direction.

Library Name: 
Paris Carnegie Public Library
This is a welcome change. The meetings rotating around the system is much more workable. I especially appreciate the videoconference aspect since round trip travel plus meeting time usually requires a whole day away from the library.

Library Name: 
Trenton Public Library
I approve of the change to making it Members' Matter.

Library Name: 
Southwestern MS/HS Library
I like the revision

Library Name: 
Carmi Public Library
I think the Members Matter meetings are very important for the system especially for the smaller libraries. I feel the smaller libraries are being lost in the overall picture. From the small library perspective, we feel things are more geared toward the larger libraries.

Library Name: 
Arthur Public Library District
I approve.

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