2013 Board Election Preview Ballot

Preview Ballot for Illinois Heartland Library System 2013 Board Elections

Voting is now open

4 Seats for Representatives of Governing Boards


George R. Trammell (Incumbent) vs. William Z. Slider (Vote for 1)

George R. Trammell – Incumbent  (Marion Carnegie Library, Marion, IL)

George R. Trammell currently serves as Vice President of the Marion Carnegie Library Board of Trustees and has served on the Board for 10 years. He has more than 30 years of experience in management with a Master of Science degree in Education from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. “The merging of the legacy systems two years ago has been a challenge to the Board of Directors, Executive Team and staff at the Illinois Heartland Library System; however, I believe we have worked diligently and through teamwork have moved the new system forward. I look forward to serving another term if elected,” states Mr. Trammell.


William Z. Slider (Anne West District Library, Carterville, IL)

William Slider retired from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale as Professor of Military Science after 28 years military service. He was instrumental in obtaining funding for an on-campus library for ROTC cadets, was among the first elected members of its current board and served on the building committee until the structure was complete. Currently an insurance agent certified by the Illinois Director of Insurance to teach ethics and prelicensing, he is a high school substitute teacher, the Public Affairs Officer and member of the board of directors for The Haven (nonprofit recreation facility for veterans), and a past District Commander of the American Legion. He is fully prepared to work as a member of a team to ensure books and libraries are available to as many folks as possible in as many multimedia forms as are feasible. He is prepared to devote whatever time and effort is required to meet that goal and is willing to share almost 4 years of district library board experience, which includes supervision of planning, constructing, maintaining and budgeting for a state-of-the-art building and grounds. He has much experience in improvisation and maximizing the use of available resources.


Linda McDonnell (Incumbent) vs. Gary N. Denue (Vote for 1)

Linda McDonnell – Incumbent (Six Mile Regional Library District, Granite City, IL)

Linda McDonnell is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Six Mile Regional Library District.  She was President of the former Lewis & Clark Library System Board of Directors and is currently a Director of the Illinois Heartland Library System as a Public Library Trustee Representative. “As a retired elementary school teacher from Granite City, Illinois, I have always valued reading and access to information.  My passion for libraries and the possibilities they offer their communities is evident in the hours I have devoted to my local library board, the former Lewis & Clark Library System Board, the Transition Board, and the current Illinois Heartland Library System. I am honored to continue to advocate for libraries and all they offer as a board member of the Illinois Heartland Library System.  I am very committed to ensuring the success of IHLS and for the best interest of the people of Illinois.”


Gary Denue (Edwardsville Public Library, Edwardsville, IL)

Gary Denue has been involved in library advocacy for 45 years as an academic librarian and a trustee for the Edwardsville Public Library and the Lewis & Clark Library System. Mr. Denue retired from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville in 2010 as Associate Dean of Library and Information Services.  He is a strong proponent of cooperation, resource sharing and technology as a means to strengthen individual libraries.


James H. Fenton vs. Jana Marie Hassebrock (Vote for 1) (No incumbent for this seat)

James H. Fenton (Carlinville Public Library, Carlinville, IL)

James Fenton has been President of the Carlinville Public Library Board of Trustees for over 25 years, and a member of that Board for more than 30 years. He was on the Lewis and Clark Board, off and on, since the early 1990s, serving a total of more than 14 years. He served one term as President of the Lewis and Clark System Board and was filling a vacancy on this Board at the time of the library system dissolution and merger into IHLS.


Jana Marie Hassebrock (Bunker Hill Public Library, Bunker Hill, IL)

Jana Marie Hassebrock has been a member of the Bunker Hill Public Library for 2 years and has served as the Board Secretary. She is a lifelong library patron, both in her hometown and in Bunker Hill. Her three children also use the library. When she was in college at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, she was a student worker in Lovejoy Library.



Lynda Clemmons vs. Amy K. McGilvrey (Vote for 1) (No incumbent for this seat)

Lynda Clemmons (Harrisburg District Library Board, Harrisburg, IL)

Lynda Clemmons has served on the Harrisburg District Library Board of Trustees since 1999. During her tenure, she served as Board President for two terms. She has also served on the former Shawnee Library System Board of Directors. Mrs. Clemmons retired from teaching English at Harrisburg High School in 1993. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Vassar College and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Southern Illinois University. As a volunteer, she has been active with the Friends of the Library and the art committee of the library. She also serves on the board of the Southeastern Illinois College Cultural Arts Board.


Amy K. McGilvrey (Paris Public Library, Paris, IL)

Amy McGilvrey has been a Paris Public Library Trustee since 2009 and has served as the Board Liaison to the Friends of the Library. In 1992, she graduated from Brown’s Business College with a diploma in Medical Office Management. She graduated with a 4.0 and was both the valedictorian and the commencement speaker. The following year, she returned to Brown’s as an instructor, teaching an Office Management course. She worked for more than 10 years in the Staffing / Human Resources industry as both an Administrative Assistant and as a Staffing Specialist. Ms. McGilvrey currently works as the Life Enrichment Director at Paris Healthcare Center (2011-present). Her volunteer work includes: past Illinois Jaycee (10th Degree), having held several local, regional and state offices; volunteer with the Red Cross, the Special Olympics, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters; facilitator of the Protecting God’s Children and the Welcome to my World programs with the Catholic Diocese of Springfield; and trustee on the Park Board for the City of Paris. She is married to George, the Marketing/Admissions Director of Paris Healthcare Center, and she’s also a magician. “We are raising Jackson, our 15-year old son, a student-athlete at Paris Cooperative High School. Her passions are reading, movies, geo-caching, bluegrass music…and libraries!”



1 Seat for Representative of Public Library

(Vote for 1)

Candidates: Diane K. Steele (Incumbent), Devin C. Black, Kristina Hoerner, Susan L. Oerter, Carrie Rutherford-Stapleton, Leander Spearman, Erin Steinsultz


Diane K. Steele – Incumbent (Wood River Public Library, Wood River, IL)


Diane Steele has been employed at Wood River Public Library since 1986, where she started as the Administrative Assistant/Technical Services, was promoted to Assistant Director and was named Director in 1997. As Director, with board and staff assistance, she has been able to get a referendum passed to increase the General Library Fund to a possible maximum of .30 and has guided the Library through a major building renovation. An alumna of the Illinois State Library Small Public Library Management Institute (SPLMI), she has also been a SPLMI committee member and provided Per Capita Grant feedback. Grant projects with which she has been involved include: establishing homebound outreach efforts, placement of a wheelchair lift, and other building improvement projects. She has been instrumental in establishing the Wood River Public Library Foundation, working closely with the Wood River Public Library Friends Group, increasing the number of programs for community and the Library's community partnerships/outreach efforts. Ms. Steele was a board member for Lewis and Clark Library System and a member of Lewis and Clark Library System Advisory Council. She was active in the merger of the four legacy systems which now constitute the Illinois Heartland Library System, was on the Interim Board and is presently serving on the IHLS Board. She is President of the SHARE Interim Executive Council. “Wood River Public Library has made great strides under my direction and I truly call this my 2nd home. I love working in the library environment and being part of a team that gives back so much to the community. I also have been honored to work at the System level and wish to continue however possible.”


Devin C. Black (Tuscola Public Library)

Devin Black is Director at Tuscola Public Library. He received an MLIS from the University of Illinois in 2011 and worked as the evening operations manager at Helen Matthes Library. “I am interested in exploring technology, including gaming, as a new facet of library collection and programming for all ages, as it provides not only new ways to access information and material, but has also increasingly become the basis for social life and communication.” He’s been married to his wife for 5 years, and they have a little one on the way, which they learned just a short time ago. “I am an avid video gamer, and both my wife and I enjoy watching films and television series together (especially Firefly).”


Kristina Hoerner (Champaign Public Library, Champaign, IL)

Kristina Hoerner has been the Adult Services Manager at the Champaign Public Library for 12 years. Prior to joining the staff there, she was the Assistant Children's Head at the Tippecanoe County Public Library and the Public Services Coordinator at the Brownsburg Public Library, both in Indiana. “I have 19 years of library experience in a variety of settings that I can bring to discussions and decisions about the future of libraries. I am interested in how we can pull together to create a strong organization that can help us all provide terrific service to our customers.”


Sue Oerter (Morrison-Talbott Library, Waterloo, IL)

Sue Oerter is Assistant Librarian in charge of collection management at Morrison-Talbott Library in Waterloo, where she has been employed for 10 years. She has an Associate’s Degree from Rend Lake College and has worked for banks, lawyers, utility offices, and a bookstore. She taught school in Godfrey and worked for Hayner Public Library in Alton. “My work experience has allowed me to interact with a variety of people of all ages. It is this experience that has honed my ability to serve others. I would like to be a part of IHLS Board of Directors to help our libraries stay accessible and viable to our communities.” An avid quilter and bird watcher, Mrs. Oerter also enjoys organizing closets and scrapbooking.  She grew up in Belleville and lived in Murphysboro, Mt. Vernon and Godfrey before settling down on her husband’s family farm in Waterloo. She has three sons who have provided her with wonderful daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. She is a Past President of the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary of Mt. Vernon.


Carrie Rutherford-Stapleton (Metropolis Public Library, Metropolis, IL)

Carrie Rutherford-Stapleton is Director at Metropolis Public Library. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, Criminal Justice, from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky, and is currently working on a Master of Management in Library Science. For 5 years, she was Program Director/Assistant to Director at Fulton Public Library in Fulton, KY. She was Event Coordinator/Librarian at Fulton Public Library for 3 years. Her memberships include: Friends of the Metropolis Public Library; Massac County Historical Society; Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels; ILA, ALA, KPLA, KLA, McNet-Librarian; Girl Scouts of Kentucky-Indiana; and the Rotary. “In addition to working toward an advanced degree in LIS and being director, the best title I have is mother. As a mother of three, dividing my time between my two passions (my children and the library), is a labor of love. Locally advocating support for libraries and literacy programs has become my leading interest. However, I do find the time to volunteer with Rotary and participate in local organized events (scholarship drives, parades, etc.).”

Leander Spearman (Belleville Public Library, Belleville, IL)

Leander Spearman is Director of the Belleville Public Library. He has 19 years of experience working in public and academic libraries and has held every position from shelver to director. Mr. Spearman has volunteer and board experience at Wesley House, Annie Malone Children’s Home, and Upsilon Omega Foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master in Library Science degree and has 4 years study toward a degree in mechanical engineering.


Erin Steinsultz (Benton Public Library, Benton, IL)


Erin Steinsultz has been the Director of Benton Public Library for 5 years. Prior to coming to Benton, she was the Assistant Director and Young Adult Librarian at Harrisburg District Library. She also worked at the Melba Patton Library at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg.  Mrs. Steinsultz holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and recently completed a master’s degree in Information Science and Learning Technology with a focus in Library Science from the University of Missouri at Columbia. “I have benefitted from the many great librarians I have worked with over the years. My interest in libraries started with volunteering in my grade school library in Harrisburg and never stopped. I graduated from Harrisburg High School, where I spent many hours volunteering in the library. I enjoyed learning many valuable library skills at Southeastern Illinois College from Melba Patton before her retirement – though I never did get the hang of being quiet no matter how hard she tried.” “Representation from all areas of the system is needed. It is so very important that the voices of all librarians and their patrons be heard as we join our systems together. I truly believe as librarians we have the potential to influence the lives of each and every patron we encounter. I encourage the staff of BPL to strive to provide outstanding service to everyone who comes in the door. As a member of the Board, I will work to provide outstanding service to the member libraries.”