Act NOW to protect net neutrality

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The term “Net Neutrality” has been all over the news, Facebook, and the topic of many people around the water cooler lately.  There is a lot of good information online about the topic. Some of the descriptions are intended to scare you with scenarios that will likely never pan out. As with everything though, there is some underlying truth to the statements.  


Here is the main thing that libraries need to worry about.  We want to keep the decision of what is appropriate to view on public computers up to the libraries and not the internet service providers (ISPs).  


We do not want websites that give kickbacks or are forced to pay ISPs to get preferential treatment on our computers. Libraries have been known for promoting facts and knowledge; what people do with that knowledge is up to them.  Let’s keep it that way.  We provide information.  That’s our job.


What next?


Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) has joined countless library and other like-minded agencies in signing the December 12 Net Neutrality Letter. You can learn more about the letter and sign for your organization hereDecember 12 Net Neutrality Letter


Our elected Congressional representatives need to hear from us. The American Library Association has a handy widget that quickly connects you to your reps and allows you to send an email message directly to them (you can also customize the message for specific representatives). Contact your elected representative here: Write a letter


Learn where your representatives stand on the matter of Net Neutrality. Are they Team Cable, Team Internet or Unknown on the issue? If they are Team Internet send them a thank you note. If Unknown encourage them to support Net Neutrality. Find out at: Fight for the Future


Thanks for Speaking Up!