Agenda announced for the IHLS automation vendor demonstrations

The IHLS LLSAP4 Working Group has completed an agenda for the 2-day in-person demonstrations with Polaris and SirsiDynix, the two top automation vendor finalists.  Please see the 2-day Agenda here, which will be the same for both vendors.  Day 1 for both vendors covers Circulation & the OPAC; Day 2 for both vendors covers Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, & Reports.

Just a reminder of the dates:

  • Polaris - November 7 & 8, 9 am-5 pm, Keller Convention Center, Effingham 
  • SirsiDynix Symphony - November 15 & 16, 9 am -5 pm, Keller Convention Center, Effingham

We would like a large number of IHLS LLSAP member library staff people to attend the in-person demonstrations.  Registration for the in-person demonstrations is available via L2.

We will also offer the opportunity to view the demonstrations in two additional ways:
• A live stream of the demonstrations, broadcast on the Internet, during the four days that they are actually happening.  Registration for the live stream is available at L2 as well. We will announce later how access to the live stream will be provided.

•The four days of demonstrations will also be recorded and offered as web presentations after the final in-person demo. The recordings are for those who cannot attend the in-person sessions or who need a review.  We will also announce later where the web-based recordings will be posted.

Both Polaris and SirsiDynix Symphony offer information about their products, on their customer website, if staff are interested in reading about the products.

We continue to need committee volunteers who can look in more detail at particular modules and complete more in-depth evaluations of those modules.  It is a requirement of committee members to be able to attend in-person on the day of the demonstration of the module (that is the responsibility of their committee) for both vendors.  Committee members are not required to attend all four days of the demonstrations, as was stated in an earlier communication.  Please consider volunteering to serve on one of the following committees:

•          Circulation/ILL/Course Reserves

•          Acquisitions/Serials

•          Cataloging & Authority Control

•          OPAC (Online Catalog)

Volunteer by sending an email to your LLSAP Manager (Joan Bauer, Pat Boze, Traci Edwards, or Chris Dawdy).