Article Exchange as Delivery Preference

Field Notes: Setting Article Exchange as Electronic Delivery Preference


Our library would prefer to send and receive electronic copies using Article Exchange. This preference can be indicated in the OCLC Policies Directory and then referenced in Constant Data through Service Configuration.


OCLC Policies Directory Settings – Contact Information

To add a contact type for Article Exchange:

  • Go to your OCLC Policies Directory by following the Quick Link from the WorldShare ILL Home Page
  • Click on the Contacts tab
  • Look down the “Type” column for Article Exchange
  • If not found, click the Add button


  • Select Contact Type – Article Exchange; Attention – label to note type of electronic contact (e.g. Article Exchange)

  • Scroll down and click the Save button

  • Review contacts again and note the message. Now that Article Exchange has been configured as a method of contact, you can specify this method as your preferred delivery in Constant Data.


OCLC Policies Directory Settings – Policies

The preference for exchange of electronic copies via Article Exchange can be communicated in Policies. To specify this preference:

  • Click on the Policies tab

  • If a policy for Copies does not exist, click the Add button to define the policy
  • If a policy for Copies does exist, verify Delivery settings
  • Add/Update policy to reflect Article Exchange as a Delivery method. Scroll down in the policy to Delivery Methods and add Article Exchange if it is not already listed.

Service Configuration – Specify Electronic Delivery Method in Constant Data

Article Exchange can be specified as the electronic delivery method of choice in Constant Data. When applying Constant Data records to copy requests, this information will be populated in the request field indicating your preference.

To indicate your preference of electronic copy delivery via Article Exchange:

  • Go to Service Configuration from the WorldShare ILL  Home Page
  • Select Borrower Data and the Constant Data Record used for copy requests

  • Scroll down to the Electronic Delivery settings, choose Article Exchange. Note: this option will not be populated in the drop down if it has not been previously set as a method of contact in the OCLC Policies Directory.


Applying constant data to copy request

Now when applying the constant data record to copy requests, the request indicates the electronic delivery service choice specified, Article Exchange.



Step 1: Add Article Exchange as a method of Contact (Policies Directory)

Step 2: Indicate Article Exchange as delivery method in Policies (Policies Directory)

Step 3: Specify Article Exchange as electronic delivery choice in Borrower Data (Service Configuration)

Step 4: Apply the constant data to copy requests (WorldShare ILL)