Be proud! Be Loud! Celebrate our accomplishments by nominating someone for an ILA Award!

One way to validate the importance of libraries in Illinois is to document and publicize the wonderful things we do. The ILA Awards are an established and prominent conduit we can take advantage of to help achieve this goal.

Besides promoting libraries to our public, this is also an opportunity to let our colleagues know about innovative programs and ideas that hard-working librarians and staff throughout Illinois have created. Inspiration and good ideas should be shared.

The first step in this process is to nominate someone for an award.  And this is where you can help. We need to get the word out.

Awards are due this year by May 15th. Nominating someone for an ILA Award is easy to do. Visit to learn about all of the awards, then submit the nomination form and all supporting documentation via the ILA Web site.

Poster/announcement pdf.