Board Meeting Recap - February 2012 Board Meeting

Agenda Item


7.  ISL Report

Lawren Tucker reviewed current ISL projects including the planned move in FY2013 of RAILS Talking Books circulation services to the ISL Talking Books operation.

8. FY 2013 Budget Planning Update

Mike Szymkoski gave overview of FY 2013 budget planning. IHLS board will have first reading at April meeting, and second reading at May meeting.

9. LLSAP Report

Leslie Bednar reviewed LLSAP activities in February, including transition of staffing in preparation for LLSAP migration project.

10. Operations Report

Juliette Douglas discussed IHLS response to ILA Delivery Study, as well as preventive maintenance programs for vehicles and facilities.

11. b. Personnel Committee Report

Board voted to remove option of tuition reimbursement from IHLS Personnel Code.

12. a. Delivery Vans Update

Board voted to declare 8 delivery vehicles surplus and ready for disposal.

12. c. SUSI (Single Uniform Source of Information)

Board moved that IHLS work with the Illinois State Library to implement an annual certification and validation process for all  IHLS  member libraries; and that IHLS membership criteria be amended to add annual completion of the certification process as a membership requirement for all IHLS developmental or full member libraries.

13. Video Recording Board Meetings for Posting on Web Site

Board discussed efficacy of recording board meetings to increase member awareness.