Board Meeting Recap - February 28, 2017

A recap of significant actions taken by the board at their February 28, 2017, meeting.

Next board meeting date: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Agenda Item


3. Appoint Deborah Owen to Vacant Board Seat

Deborah Owen, Public Library Trustee Representative from Glen Carbon Centennial Library District, was appointed to fill open board seat.  You can learn more about Deborah and her board colleagues here.

5. Approval of Bills

Board approved the January 2017 Bills.

6. Financial Reports

Board accepted the January 2017 Financial Reports, which include unaudited balance sheets and statements of revenue and expenditure by fund. 

7. General Fund Cash Position Analysis

Leslie Bednar asked Adrienne Elam, IHLS CFO, to share the system’s current financial status regarding the use of cash reserves to fund operations.  IHLS is awaiting $1,362,934.98 in allocated FY2017 System Area & Per Capita funds. Once received, the system will be able to continue operations for approximately 24 months without additional revenue.

12.a. Staff Update

Board accepted February Staff Update.

13. Illinois State Library Report

Acting Deputy Director Greg McCormick stated the Illinois State Library (ISL) has moved forward with the school grant funding. It is in process at the State Comptroller’s office. ISL is in the final stages of reviewing the Public Library Per Capita grants. They are also reviewing the Public Library Construction Live and Learn FY17 grants. May be about 30 days before they will be done. Senate Bill 6 did pass. There are 1 – 13 parts of the “Grand Plan”. All the parts have to pass in order to become valid.

It is early in the lengthy process before property tax freezes on public libraries, school districts, pension language and for universities, will be signed into legislation.

Greg also shared that there have been a number of legislative proposal bills filed regarding public library expansion/restriction of territory. They are moving forward through committee. Greg recommended being engaged in following the proposed language.

15. a. Illinois Public Funds Deposit Act (30 ILCS 225)

Clyde Hall reviewed the act. It is basic standard wording regarding how public funds are to be deposited. It establishes guidelines and safeguards to prevent abuses. It also protects board members who are well meaning.

15. b. Illinois Public Funds Investment Act (30 ILCS 235)

While presenting highlights of the Illinois Public Funds Investment Act, Mr. Hall stressed that the act guides the board to make good investments. It defines districts and specific agencies. The act provides a check and balance method of monitoring the investments. Mr. Hall reviewed some court cases that refer back to the act. He shared those with the board.

16.a. Facilities

Leslie Bednar provided Board with a status update on the Champaign office roof project. The roof project is complete. The final inspection that is necessary for the warranty is being scheduled.

16.b. Proposed Revision Bylaws – Article VIII

Policy and Membership Committee recommended approval of new Article VIII for bylaws that focuses on member engagement activities. Board approved.

16.c. Proposed Endorsements and Sponsorship Policy

Policy and Membership Committee recommended approval of policy that addresses external program sponsorship and other endorsements.  Board approved.

17.a. Appoint Clyde Hall Open Meetings Act (OMA) Officer

Board accepted recommendation to appoint Clyde Hall as OMA Officer for remainder of FY2017.

17.b. Local Government Travel Expense Control Act

IHLS Resolution 2017-01 passed by Board representing commitment to the Local Government Travel Expense Control Act (50 ILCS 150).

17.c. Membership Considerations

Board regretfully accepts recommendation of Policy and Membership Committee to suspend Centreville Public Library from system membership.