Board Meeting Recap - January 2012 Board Meeting

Agenda Item


4. b. Six month report to ISL

Mike Szymkoski provided insights into the six month financial report to be presented to the ISL.

7.  ISL report

Anne Craig shared with the board the plans for the SUSI (Single Uniform Source of Information) project and the certification process for system members.

8. Impact of funding cuts on library systems

Juliette Douglas discussed the impact of funding cuts to the four legacy systems and IHLS and its impact on staffing.

9. LLSAP report

Diane Yeoman and Leslie Bednar reviewed the work of the LLSAP Working Group (aka LLSAP4). IHLS board accepted the recommendation of the LLSAP Working Group to continue negotiations with Polaris Systems, Inc. for an integrated library services platform.

10. Illinois Machine Sub-Lending Agency report

Loretta Broomfield presented an overview of Talking Book and Braille Services service, as well as the IHLS component now known as the Illinois Machine Sub-Lending Agency.

11. a. i. Resource Sharing Survey

Libby Letterly and Ellen Popit shared the preliminary results of the IHLS Resource Sharing Survey.

12. c. IHLS Advisory Councils

The IHLS Advisory Councils will convene for the first time February 23rd, at Helen Matthes Public Library in Effingham.

13. b. Board elections

The following members were appointed as the Nominations Committee: Diana Brawley Sussman, Carbondale Public Library, chair; Deanne Holshouser, Edwardsville Public Library; Nancy Huntley, Lincoln Library; Nina Pals, Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital Medical Library; and Kim Keller, Bryan-Bennett Library.