Board Meeting Recap - July 2012

Agenda Item


3.  Welcome to New Board Members

James D. Matthews (Mahomet Public Library District) was officially welcomed to the board.


4. Election of Officers

The following directors were selected as officers :

  • President: Karen Bounds (Centralia High School)
  • Vice-President: Brock Peoples (Smithton Public Library District
  • Secretary: Janet Hasten (Marshall Public Library)
  • Treasurer: Nina Wunderlich (Taylorville Public Library)



14. a. i and ii. LLSAP Policy Revisions

Board approved changes to the LLSAP Policy and Vendor Discounts sections of the IHLS Resource Sharing Policy.

14. a. iii. Bylaws Revision

The policy committee presented a proposed addition to the IHLS Bylaws acknowledging the role of LLSAP leadership in IHLS.

14. b. Job Descriptions

Juliette Douglas provided final versions of all employee job descriptions. They are also posted on the IHLS web site.

14. d. Resolution to Repay the Capital Fund

Board authorized repayment of $537,000 to the Capital Projects fund from the Operating fund.  Two legacy systems had transferred the funds originally to address the cash flow crisis,

14.d. FY2012 Audit Proposals

Board accepted recommendation of retaining Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates to perform the FY2012 audit.

16. a. Board Meeting Time, Location and Dates

The board agreed upon meeting dates for FY2013.

16. c. Appoint Ramona Rollins as IMRF Agent

Ramona Rollins was appointed IMRF agent for IHLS.

16. d. Appoint Peggy Durst as Open Meetings Act Officer

Peggy Durst was appointed OMA Officer for IHLS.