Board Meeting Recap - June 2012

Agenda Item


8.  ISL Report

Anne Craig shared additional information regarding LSTA funding challenges and fielded questions from board members regarding the announced Request for Proposal for Delivery Services.

12.f. Election Results

Diana Brawley Sussman (nominating committee chair) presented the results of the recent board elections.  Elected for three-year terms:

  • Susan Mendelsohn, Public Library Trustee
  • James D. Matthews, Public Library Trustee
  • Karen Bounds, School Library Representative
  • Jacob Roskovensky, School Library Representative
  • Joan B. Rhoades, Public Library Representative
13. b. IHLS Fund Descriptions Board approved an updated fund description list.
14. a. STARnet contract for FY2013 Board approved the contract for delivery services to STARnet (Belleville).
14. b. Cafeteria Plan Board approved Cafeteria Plan for employees to utilize for dependent care coverage.
14. c. Prevailing Wage Rates Board approved prevailing wage rates for FY2013.
14. d. Approve Legal Counsel Board approved legal counsel for FY2013.

14. e. Resolution for Retiring Board Member

The board recognized Susan Justice for her service and commitment to IHLS in its maiden year.

14. f. Approved Closing of System’s Financial Books In order to pay the bills through June 30, 2012 the Fiscal Officer was authorized to close the books as of July 31, 2012, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.
14. h. Establish Reserve Funds Board approved continuance of reserve accounts for the close of the fiscal year and use of the reserves for operating purposes consistent with the FY2012-13 Budget.
14. i. Name Depositories Board approved depositories for FY2012-2013.
14. j. Approve Authorization for Wire Transfers Board approved authorization for wire or other electronic transfers to and from several financial institutions for payment to EFTPs, IMRF, or other IHLS vendors.
14. k. Add Vanessa Whippo as Signatory for Regular Checking Account Vanessa Whippo was added as a signatory on the Busey Bank account.


Earlier in the evening, members, board, staff and guests celebrated the first anniversary of Illinois Heartland Library System!  We took a lighthearted look back at a year of challenges and opportunities.


IHLS cake photo





















Cake decorated with IHLS logo and colors to celebrate one year of IHLS






















Guests from member libraries attending the first IHLS Annual Meeting

Chris Dawdy, SHARE Administrative Services Manager, presents flowers to Executive Director Leslie Bednar on behalf of the IHLS staff