Board Meeting Recap - March 2012 Board Meeting

Agenda Item


4.  Financial

Mike Szymkoski provided the financial report, which included financial statements from January, 2012. He also shared a projected cash position of the General and Capital projects fund for IHLS.

8. LLSAP Report

Traci Edwards shared an overview of the proposed LLSAP fee formula as well as draft fee schedules.


Board moved to send the LLSAP Policy (a section of the IHLS Resource Sharing Policy) to the policy and planning committee for clarification and review.

9. Operations Report

Juliette Douglas highlighted several safety enhancements in the delivery operation.  She also presented the IHLS formal response to the ILA FILC (Future of Illinois Library Cooperation) delivery study.

10. a. Policy

The policy and planning committee presented a motion to adopt the following statement to be added to the IHLS Membership Criteria:


To remain a member in good standing, member libraries must abide by the System’s Plan of Service and Policies.  In addition, all member libraries will annually complete the Illinois State Library certification process as a membership requirement.


Motion unanimously accepted.


The board meeting was terminated at approximately 8:10 p.m. due to a loss of video conferencing capability.