Board Meeting Recap - October 2012

Agenda Item


4. b. Financial Report

1st quarter FY13 financial statements were presented to the Board.

8. ISL Report

Mark Shaffer discussed information sessions for next round of Live & Learn Construction grant program with total available funding of $620,800.

9. LLSAP Report

SHARE billing information has been sent to all members with complete details regarding automation, cataloging and database fees, as well as credits.  Diane Steele provided an update on SHARE Interim Executive Council activities.

10. Operations Report

Juliette Douglas discussed physical item counts operations staff are using to better determine delivery frequency and other service improvements.

11. IT Report

Troy Brown shared details of communications costs for our organization.

12. a. Policy (Committee)

Board approved additional language in Electronic Meetings Policy.

12. c. Membership (Committee)

Board approved updated language regarding membership certification be added to the Membership Policy.

13. c. IHLS Property Considerations

Board declared one parcel of land (empty lot)  at the Edwardsville facility as surplus and available for sale.

14. a. FY2013 Funding Update

Karen Bounds recognized the Illinois State Library for utilizing Library Services and Technology Act funds toward a portion of FY13 Area & Per Capita allocation.  As a result, IHLS received 11.27% ($379,028.10) of FY13 funds even while we await nearly 43% of FY12 funds!

14. c. OMA and FOIA Officers

Board appointed James Matthews Open Meetings Act (OMA) officer, and Brock Peoples as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officer.