Board Meeting Recap - September 2011

Below you'll find a recap of significant actions taken by the board at their Sept 27, 2011 meeting in Decatur, IL.

Click here for the original agenda and board packet.


Agenda Item


4. a. Former system audits and annual reports

IHLS board approved the annual reports and audits of the former Rolling Prairie and Shawnee Library Systems.

6. Staff report

IHLS board honored Ellen Popit for her leadership and service to the organization as Interim Executive Director.

7.  ISL report

Lawren Tucker outlined theFY13 budget planning and development process for ISL staff.

9. IT Report

Troy Brown presented an overview of current data and telecommunication infrastructure at all four offices, including recommendations for the immediate and near future.

11. b. iii. Facilities Committee

Karen Bounds announced members of the Facilities Committee: Joshua Mikeworth (chair), Dick Helton, Tom Turner, Troy Brown (staff liaison).

11. c. Ethic Ordinance

IHLS board approved the Ethics Ordinance.

12. a. IHLS Advisory Councils

Leslie Bednar announced plans for Advisory Councils and an online form for volunteers.

12. b. FOIA Policy

IHLS board approved the FOIA Policy.

14. Announcements

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 meeting at Edwardsville Office.