Changing Your ILDS Stop (Delivery Code) in OCLC ILL Constant Data Records

May 1 the ILDS codes changed.  It is important that you update your OCLC Constant Data records to reflect the new code for your library location.  Below are instructions for how to do this.

      1.  Go to

       2. Enter your FS Administration authorization which is 9 digits long and then your password, click the start button.

       3. Click the “Resource Sharing” tab.

       4. Under the “Staff ILL settings” in the left side bar click the down arrow and select “Constant Data Records”.

       5. Scroll down the borrowing library information until you get to the “Ship Via” field.  In this field it will say “ILDS Destination code [your code]” or something similar.  Replace the old code with the new code for your location from the chart below.

       6. Scroll down to the lending library information until you get to the “Return Via” field.  In this field you will update your code as you did in the “Ship Via” field.

       7.Click the “Save Changes” button.

       8. If your library has more than one constant data record you need to update each record Using steps 5-7.


To watch a video on how to change the ILDS codes in your constant data recored click on the link below:


Old Code

New Code

IHLS Location














If you need assistance you may contact Bev Obert, Resource Sharing Manager via email at or by phone at 217 429-2586

You will not have to change the ILDS code locations in L2 this is being handled by the Systems.