eRead Illinois Newsletter: December 5, 2013

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December 5, 2013

RAILS & non-SHARE member libraries will be introducing the Baker & Taylor Axis 360 shared collection to their patrons on December, 16th. That’s right around the corner! E-books in the 3M Cloud Library shared collection are already circulating, and those numbers continue to go up! How many e-books have your patrons checked out?

Welcome Packets:
We’re sending out welcome packets to those libraries joining the 3M Cloud Library shared collection (SHARE members) just as fast we can. Don’t forget to send back your participation agreement by December 31, 2013 to retain access to the 3M Cloud Library shared collection. If you have already sent in your participation agreement, we’ll be sending a signed copy back to you in mid-December. Remember, the first step to participating is filling out the member fee request form.

Libraries participating in the B&T Axis 360 shared collection (RAILS & non-SHARE) can also still fill out a member fee request form. Those of you that have sent one in since November 1st can look forward to a response mid-month.

Since the 3M Cloud Library collection launched on November 18, we’ve already checked out 1,022 items! The collection currently contains over 3,000 items and continues to grow each week. Interested in how many of your patrons have checked out 3M e-books?  The easiest way to find that number is to run an Item Circulation Statistics report in Polaris. You’ll see 3M e-books now listed under material type. We’re working to figure out which other reports will be the most useful to you and we’ll be getting that info out just as soon as we can.

Soft rollout of the Baker & Taylor Axis 360 shared collection began this week on December 2. Libraries will start introducing it to their patrons beginning December 16 and we can’t wait to see how much your patrons will love using the Axis 360 platform.

There will be five live webinars in December on the eRead Illinois Axis 360 platform for libraries (non-SHARE) participating in the program. Registration and viewing instructions can be found on L2 for the following sessions:
(Note: You must be logged into L2 in order to view the information about these programs.)

SHARE member libraries are welcome to attend one of three live 3M Cloud Library demos at the Mascoutah Public Library on Thursday, December 12. You may sign up for the 10:00 am, 11:15 am, or 1:30 pm sessions. We’ve also added two virtual 3M Cloud Library Demos that will be held via Adobe Connect. Register in L2 to attend:

The eRead Illinois project team is dedicated to providing you with as many materials as we can to help you serve your patrons. Pay special attention to the new video about how to download e-books to a simple e-reader, such as the Nook Simple Touch or Kobo.

If your library has created an awesome handout and you are willing to share, please email Lesley at

Project Team:
The response and the feedback we’ve received has been outstanding! As always, feel free to contact members of the project team with questions and suggestions:

            Veronda Pitchford, eRead Illinois Project Director (RAILS): or 630-734-5119.

Natalie DeJonghe, eRead Illinois E-book Trainer/Coordinator (RAILS): or 630-734-5121.

Lesley Zavediuk, eRead Illinois E-book Trainer/Coordinator (IHLS): or 618-656-3216, ext. 424.