eRead Illinois Newsletter: January 16, 2014

eRead Illinois Newsletter
January 16, 2014

The eRead Illinois project team is pleased to announce that over 267 libraries from IHLS and RAILS have joined Illinois’ first statewide e-book consortium!

Participating Libraries:
SHARE members might want to check out our new and improved list of 3M Cloud participating libraries, we’ve broken the numbers down by library type and will continue to update this list as more libraries join. If your library hasn’t signed up to participate yet, let us know by Friday, January 24, and we’ll get you started at the beginning of February. Your library will pay a prorated member fee, rather than paying for the whole year. Need an adjusted quote? Email Lesley at and we’ll get you one.

Twelve non-SHARE members have joined the B&T Axis 360 shared collection and the first set of invoices for participating libraries with live sites have been sent. Members participating in the Axis 360 collection will be billed quarterly. Remember, Non-SHARE libraries are welcome to sign-up to participate at any time. Simply fill out the request for membership participation fee form and email it to: For more information, visit the RAILS eRead Illinois page.

Collection Development:
Some questions about the content we’re purchasing for the 3M Cloud Library shared collection came up during the SHARE chat on January 10, so we thought we would answer those questions in today’s newsletter. The Illinois Heartland Library system owns all content that we purchase through the 3M Cloud. If we one day choose to stop using the 3M Cloud Library platform, we’ll be able to take all existing e-book content within our collection with us. Unfortunately, due to the current e-book publishing landscape, for some publishers “owning” titles actually means “leasing” titles for a restricted amount of time before having to re-purchase them. No matter which e-book platform a library uses, these publisher restrictions apply. To learn more about publisher restrictions and e-book content for libraries, check out these informative articles:

Remember, that Fridays are now 3M Purchase Day. If your library chooses to purchase titles in a given week, please make sure that the items in your cart are finalized by noon on Friday. After purchases are made, we’ll send you an email to let you know the total amount you spent that week, and any titles that we may have removed due to over-purchasing of copies.   

The eRead Illinois Axis 360 collection for RAILS and non-SHARE members continues to grow. To see the latest updated inventory list, visit the Opening Day Collection page. Non-SHARE members interested in becoming guest selectors for the Axis 360 collection should fill out the application found HERE and return to Natalie DeJonghe, E-book Trainer/Coordinator (RAILS) at: Thank you to those who have already volunteered.

We’ve added three more 3M Shopping Cart trainings for SHARE members this month. You’ll also notice two basic 3M Cloud Library Demos on the roster. Register for either our virtual or in-person sessions in L2 today and stay tuned for more training opportunities in the coming weeks!

We’re also interested in knowing what kind of training you would like us to provide in 2014. Please take a few moments and fill out this brief survey to let us know what would be the most beneficial for you and we’ll do our best to meet your needs!

A recorded webinar on the eRead Illinois Axis 360 platform for participating libraries and libraries that are interested in learning more, is now available at:, along with handouts. If your library would like additional handouts or marketing materials, please contact Natalie DeJonghe ( Webinars and live trainings for 2014 are currently being scheduled and will be posted on the eRead Illinois webpage as well as on L2. If your library is interested in hosting a group training for participating libraries, please contact Natalie DeJonghe.

Thanks to the fabulous Libby Letterly at Williamsville CUSD #15 for sharing a 3M Parental Waiver template with our participating school libraries. You can find this customizable form on the IHLS website and use it as an alternative to the permission slip we provided earlier if you choose.

The eRead Illinois project team is dedicated to providing you with as many materials as we can to help you serve your patrons. You’ll find all of these materials on the IHLS eRead Illinois page. If your library has created an awesome resource and you are willing to share, please email Lesley at

Project Team:
We love hearing from you! Feel free to contact members of the project team with questions and suggestions:

            Veronda Pitchford, eRead Illinois Project Director (RAILS): or 630-734-5119.

Natalie DeJonghe, eRead Illinois E-book Trainer/Coordinator (RAILS): or 630-734-5121.

Lesley Zavediuk, eRead Illinois E-book Trainer/Coordinator (IHLS): or 618-656-3216, ext. 424


eRead Illinois is supported by the Illinois Secretary of State through the Illinois State Library.