eRead Illinois Update: 3M Cloud

With the holiday on Monday and the fabulous semi-annual SHARE meeting on Wednesday, you won't be receiving an official newsletter this week. A few important 3M Cloud Library updates are provided below:

  • Friday, February 21st is the deadline to let us know your library would like to start participation in the 3M Cloud Library on March 1. Otherwise you'll have to wait until April 1.  Four libraries have already decided to start participating on March 1st and will be added to our official list next week.
  • Don't forget to use your 3M Shopping Cart to select titles for our shared collection. The collection will grow faster and become a better collection for everyone with your input. Titles in your cart need to be finalized by noon each Friday and we'll press the purchase button. There are still 3M Shopping Cart Training sessions available for you, you'll find them listed in our latest newsletter, here.
  • Great news for school libraries! 3M has tested the filtering solution they proposed to keep younger students from accessing age inappropriate materials. We've taken a look and this will be an awesome solution for the members who choose to use it.  Basically, if your library chooses to, you'll assign a patron code (Children's, Juvenile, or Young Adult) to your students' library accounts and the 3M app will filter out categories and titles that don't fall into the age group associated with that code (such as "Erotica"). Students might run across these items in the OPAC if they search for them, but they will be unable to check them out. The 3M developers are working to put a few more items into place on the back end so that this will be seamless for us when we implement it.  Although we don't have an official implementation date just yet, it's coming (in March!) and we'll keep you updated as the process continues.  
  • We have received an overwhelming response from libraries who are willing to host Technology Petting Zoo sessions, so THANK YOU for your responses. We've already added two sessions in March (listed below) and will be adding more shortly. Each session can only accommodate 10 participants, so be sure to register early!
         Wednesday, March 5th @ Mt. Zion Library District (1 - 2:30pm)
         Friday, March 14th @ Valmeyer Community School District #3 (11:00am - 1:00pm)


Questions or comments? Feel free to email Lesley Zavediuk, E-book Trainer/ Coordinator (IHLS) at:


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