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eReadIllinois is the name of the soon to be released
Illinois statewide eBook consortium.  
And this is the story of how it will work--
at least as we've planned it to date!

Having received a very generous grant from the Illinois State Library for the development of a statewide eBook Consortium, the working group (made up of staff from IHLS & RAILS member libraries and staff) quickly figured out that one consortium for all of Illinois was not going to work.  As a result, we proposed to develop the consortium with three prongs or branches.  IHLS SHARE members will be utilizing a 3M Cloud platform, since 3M works seamlessly with Polaris--but more on that a little later.  RAILS member libraries will be utilizing Baker & Taylor's Axis 360 platform, and have graciously suggested that the IHLS non-SHARE members can participate in their prong or branch of eReadIllinois.  The third prong is a "home grown" model, which will feature Illinois authors and publishers--but development of that portion of the program is a little bit further down the road.

For IHLS non-SHARE members--
You can learn more about how Axis 360 works by attending one of the scheduled webinars:

·  Tuesday, October 8, 201310:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

·  Tuesday, October 22, 20131:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Each webinar will cover the same content. Log into L2 and click on the dates above for more information.

At present, RAILS plans to open registration for participation in Axis 360 in mid-October. 

For IHLS SHARE members--
You can learn more about Polaris and 3M working together by visiting any of the links listed below:

At present, IHLS' SHARE plans to host a "try it before you commit to buy it" during November and December.  

For all IHLS libraries--
The eReadIllinois Advisory Committee will be looking at a proposed fee formula at their meeting on October 9.  Information about fees will then be disseminated to all IHLS and RAILS libraries--and fees for participating in AXIS 360 and the 3M Cloud will be the same.  The eBook grant will cover the cost of implementation and platform fees, as well as an opening day collection, for the first 18 months.  During that period of time, member fees will be used for collection development.  After the grant is finished, member fees will cover the cost of platform fees and collection development.

When the fee formula is in place, eReadIllinois staff will send each library a form so that libraries can self-report the factors (such as population, budget, etc.) that will be used in the fee formula.  After libraries receive their quote, they will be expected to commit (or not) to participating in the consortium.  Billing will begin in January, and libraries will be billed every six months.  New members will be allowed to join at the beginning of each new quarter (January, March, July, and October).

To celebrate this momentous event, there will be a couple of receptions at ILA on October 15.  If you're in Chicago for ILA that day, you might want to visit the demonstration of Axis 360 from 10:45 to 11:45, and the demonstration of the 3M Cloud from 3 to 4 pm.  Come visit us--some of the IHLS SHARE staff will be there!

And finally--
We now have an eBook Coordinator, which is a position funded by the grant.  Lesley Zavediuk, who was with WebJunctionIllinois until September 30, at the IHLS Edwardsville office, has assumed her new role as of October 1.