First IHLS Staff Day

On Thursday, June 28, we closed our four locations for the day and headed to Effingham for the first IHLS all-staff retreat. This was a wonderful opportunity for our staff to get together and get to know each other.  The primary focus of the day was customer service training and making a positive impact on our members. Rebecca A. Clark, Excelegy Consulting Group, presented "We Want to Be Wonderfully WOWful!" Disney’s customer service model.

We started the day with an icebreaker to help deepen connections with everyone in the room. It was absolutely fantastic to put faces to the names of the people we’ve been working with and to get to know a bit more about them personally. The presentation focused on how to create “WOW” moments for our members, changing our customer service mindset, thinking about continuous improvement, and creating a common purpose. A “WOW” moment is caused by going above and beyond expectation and creating an experience. We at IHLS will strive to create “WOW” moments for our members and try to create the best customer service experience possible.

On our breaks we continued to get to know each other and even got to take 5 minutes to meet up at the playground for our first all staff picture! (Don’t worry! We got everyone back into the meeting!)

At the end of lunch, Michelle Ralston presented her little “WOW” moment with the IHLS Year In Review video.

After a productive day of getting to know each other, the IHLS staff came away with a fresh outlook on how to “WOW” our members in the upcoming year.


Always remember, the magic begins with you!–Be Our Guest, 2011 Edition, Disney Enterprises, INC.