Getting to know

Part of learning any new service involves knowing the ins and outs of a new interface.  Some familiar features have new labels or are positioned in a new place on the screen, and navigation among different parts of the service may take some practice.  Some general guidelines for use of the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan interface are provided here.

  • Your library’s unique URL (https://[libraryID] connects you with WorldShare ILL activity for your library.
  • As you navigate WorldShare ILL, select the area you want to access by clicking the links on the screen, rather than using the browser Back button to return to previous screens. (Use of the Back button will be added as a future enhancement.)
  • The center area of your Home screen features Quick Links to the primary areas where your ILL staff need to take actions. If you have received an ALERT with Article Exchange document retrieval information, it will display in this area. 



  • The left side of the screen supports navigation to primary types of ILL workflows:

  • The Interlibrary Loan Home screen also includes links to the following ILL-related sites: OCLC Policies Directory, OCLC Service Configuration, OCLC Usage Statistics, OCLC Article Exchange.
    • Selecting these sites opens them in separate windows, as illustrated below for the OCLC Policies Directory and Article Exchange.  A future enhancement will more tightly integrate Article Exchange into the WorldShare ILL experience, eliminating the need for a separate window.


The Message Board across the bottom of the page displays timely information about changes to the service. 


Visit the OCLC Support and Training website at to access WorldShare ILL training and documentation resources.

Contact OCLC Customer Support at or OCLC Support in your region for assistance with using Article Exchange for document delivery.


PS – Previous WorldShare ILL “Tip of the Week” messages are available for your review on the OCLC website.