Growing Resource Sharing in IHLS Grant Announcement

The secret we’ve been keeping is now public knowledge, and we can tell you what it is! IHLS staff have been working on a grant—commonly known as the Dream Grant among SHARE staff—for the last couple of months. We were quite pleased to be able to announce at last night’s IHLS board meeting that we are about to receive $996,242.00 in grant funds from Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and the Illinois State Library, for the purpose of Growing Resource Sharing in IHLS through Growing SHARE Membership.


This two year grant will cover the cost of:

  • implementation fees for all new members, including new SHARE members that started the process of joining SHARE within 12 months of this grant period
  • three teams of independent barcoders (one for each IHLS service area), who will travel to potential member libraries to assist with the process of adding items to the database (aka the barcoding SWAT teams)
  • an annual member fee discount ($300) for current member libraries' barcoders to assist new members with barcoding, for materials sent to the barcoder
  • implementation and training from Polaris to allow SHARE staff to migrate item data into the Polaris database
  • a web designer, to build an online portal page and assist libraries with developing a web presence
  • two additional servers, to accommodate new members
  • hardware for use in libraries for both existing and new members—specifically, re-stick receipt printers
  • travel for training and assistance at new member libraries
  • an additional circulation specialist, which will provide one staff member at each of the IHLS offices, for assisting new and existing members, providing training, and so on

What does this mean for current SHARE members?

If you are a Full SHARE member:

  • membership fees will remain the same for FY2015
  • each member library will receive a free restick printer, which will assist in streamlining delivery
  • member libraries will have the opportunity to save $300 per year on membership fees if a staff member assists in adding items for new libraries in their area, working as "barcoding buddies"

If you are a Transitional SHARE member:

  • your implementation fees will be waived (you will still be billed for half of the normal membership fee while you are a transitional member)
  • SHARE membership fees will not increase for FY2015
  • SHARE staff will coordinate "barcoding SWAT teams" to assist you in adding items to the Polaris database
  • SHARE member libraries will be able to earn credits on their membership fees for allowing their staff to assist you in adding items to your collection as "barcoding buddies"
  • each of you will receive a free restick receipt printer, which will help streamline delivery


Information on each of the other aspects of the grant will be released by SHARE staff as it becomes available.

For more information on the grant, please contact :

Chris Dawdy 
618.656.3216 ext. 443


Ellen Popit 
618.985.3711 ext. 624