Hop on over to the next District 522 Meeting and put some new ideas into your BASKET!

WHERE:  Mascoutah High School Library (They built a whole new high school!)
WHEN:    Friday, March 30, 2012
TIME:     9:00am Refreshments; 9:30-Noon Meeting
RSVP:     jennifer.bone@swic.edu


PARKING:  Folks should park in the faculty/teacher parking lot located behind the school off of County Road.  The teacher/faculty lot is marked by brick pillars with a plaque indicating faculty or teacher parking.  Attendees will enter through door #8 by pressing the buzzer and letting the office attendant know they are here for the meeting.       

Meeting Agenda:

·       Pinterest.com -- What the heck is it?

Librarian Jen Funk from McKendree University will show us how this new social website works! Did you know there are pockets of free ebooks in there!?!?  And other cool things as well?!?!  (Not just recipes and crafts!) Come learn and explore the next new social tool that your students and patrons will be using. 

·       Wikipedia is Gaining Respect

How is THAT happening?!!?  SWIC Librarian Jennifer Bone will discuss where she heard this rumor and found it to be true!!  Come learn how this free resource may eventually become a reference for your library.

·       Dealing with Challenging Patrons in your Library

Come hear SWIC Librarian Samantha Rogers talk about her unpleasant reference adventure with a member of the community.  She’ll share the steps that she took at SWIC to prevent future unpleasantness with challenging folks.  We’d love to hear your stories and hear what steps your library has taken.

·       Showcase and Share About You and Your Library

Here’s your opportunity to share a new resource or program that’s been happening at your library! 

Share pictures of an event.  Talk about trends that you’re seeing with your patrons and students.  Had a book challenged?  Tell us about your adventure!  Have you found a way to be frugal?  We’d love to hear it.  Had a successful program or fundraiser?  Spill your guts!    Anything can be discussed, shared or showcased!

·       Eggstraspecial Library Discussions

Discuss eggciting hot topic library issues in an eggstraspecial way!  But beware…It might scramble your brains!!

·       Tour of the NEW Mascoutah High School

The smell of new construction will abound in this new space.  Our host Librarian, Melanie Kassing, will provide a tour of her new library and a few other cool spots.  Ooooing and Ahhhing are encouraged! 


We really hope you can make it to the meeting!  We’d love to meet you!  Or see you again!

And don’t forget to RSVP!  We want to make sure we have a cup of coffee or juice ready for you!

Jennifer Bone & Jennifer Lara

P.S.   Since the meeting ends around lunch, there is usually some hungry librarians who’d like to grab a bite and talk about libraries a little longer.   Feel free to plan lunch into your scheduled visit as well!  J

P.S.S. Jennifer Lara may or may not be in attendance at the meeting.  (Fingers crossed that she will!)  She took the latter half of the school year off from teaching to have baby number three and be a full-time mom until August.  J

P.S.S.S.  For all of the librarians who are new to the area or ones who have forgotten who we are, I’ve included the information below.  Hope you can come!

Now you might be thinking...What is this District 522?  And why should I give a HOOT about attending this meeting?

What is District 522?  The state of Illinois is divided up into different community college districts.  Southwestern Illinois College's community college district is 522.  Many, many moons ago, there was a push to have all the libraries that reside in District 522 create a library network for professional development activities, networking opportunities and overall support.  It has become a great resource for those who have participated so far! 

Why do they call it District 522 and not some trendy cool name?  I think they just wanted the name to describe exactly what it represented- District 522 Libraries.  But we can always change it!

Why should you give a HOOT about attending this meeting?  Well, we're more enthusiastic than ever!  And we've got a strong network going.  With budgets shrinking and public demands rising, we can lean on each other for ideas, reviews of new equipment & databases, and so forth!  As one of the librarians at Southwestern Illinois College, I see patrons from all of your libraries.  And I *love* to send patrons back to their own libraries for resources.  That's right- sometimes they forget to visit the library in their own backyard!