IHLS Board Election voting ends April 15

Voting is now underway for the 5 open seats on the IHLS Board of Directors.

Seats to be filled are:
1 Academic Library Representative
1 Special Library Representative
1 School Library Representative
2 Public Library Trustee Representatives

Please read these instructions carefully prior to voting:

The link to the 2014 IHLS Board of Directors election ballot is listed below.

All voting is done electronically via this survey.


Please ensure that only one person at your library responds to this survey. If your system membership is shared among multiple locations or branches, be sure that only one person votes on behalf of ALL combined locations.

New to the election this year is a provision for write-in candidates for 2 of the seats. Because there were no nominees to fill the open Special Library seat and one of the Public Library Trustee seats, voters will be able to write in a candidate as they cast their ballot. The eligible nominee with the most votes will win the respective seat. Eligibility will be verified by the IHLS Nominating Committee. If no eligible candidate steps forward in this election, any empty seat will be filled by the IHLS Board President, as approved by the full IHLS Board.

A preview ballot is available on the IHLS website at http://illinoisheartland.org/?q=content/article/candidates-ihls-board-directors-election-0 .

Prior to voting via this survey, please consult with your board, branches, or others as needed. If you are not sure whether your library's system membership is shared among multiple locations (for example, among multiple schools within your school district), please contact the Illinois Heartland Library System for that information prior to voting.

VOTING DEADLINE: 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you are the one person voting on behalf of your member library (and all of its branches or locations), follow this link, to cast your member library's vote: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YYPMTYR

If you have questions or comments for the nominating committee, please feel free to contact us:

Kim Keller, Chair, Bryan-Bennett Library in Salem, Contact Number (618)548-3006

Julia Welzen, Argenta-Oreana Public Library District, Contact Number (217)468-2340

Elaine Steingrubey, Morrison-Talbott Library in Waterloo, Contact Number (618)939-6232

Debra Sherrick, Casey-Westfield CUSD, Contact Number (217)932-2175

Mary Ann Pohl, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Contact Number (217)785-7944