IHLS Emergency / Weather Closings

The Office Hours page on the IHLS website includes the IHLS procedures for closing due to emergencies or inclement weather. If you have not already done so, visit this page to sign up for the IHLS Text Alert System service. IHLS will send out text alerts for weather delays, building closings, and route changes.

Library Closings

The Library Closings page of the IHLS website includes:

  • Polaris Library Closings Form - This form lets us change settings in Polaris so your closed days are not counted against your patrons for return dates and late fee assessments.
  • No Delivery Days Form - This is for our Delivery Team. This form allows your delivery hub to know which days you DO NOT want them to deliver to your building.
  • Unscheduled/Emergency Closings - The purpose of this form is to let other libraries know when your library is closed. This does not alert IHLS of your unscheduled closing.