Moving Forward Together

This is the 8th official day of the Illinois Heartland Library System, and it has been a busy week.  The first meeting of the IHLS Board was held on July 5, 2011.  Congratulations to Karen Bounds - President, Joan Rhoades - Vice President, Janet Hasten - Secretary, and Nina Wunderlich - Treasurer who were elected to these offices.  The 15-member IHLS board will meet again on July 26, 4:30 pm, at the Carterville location, and we encourage you to attend.  At the July 5 board meeting resolutions for several policies, previously passed by the Transition Board, were approved by the new Board.  There is much work to be done by the new Board of Directors who are wholly committed to supporting resource-sharing and membership involvement.

Interim Director Ellen Popit held an all-staff meeting on Wednesday via videoconference, and this helped staff put faces to names.  That is important as all of the IHLS employees will be working with colleagues and members across the four locations (Carterville, Champaign, Decatur, and Edwardsville) during the coming months.  We are also learning how to communicate with virtual workplace products such as videoconference, virtual conferencing software and electronic documents.  There is also a spirit of compromise and 'working together' that is very evident as the current staff works to blend four separate cultures and administrative units into one.

Many plans are being developed for a new Illinois Heartland Library System web site and other communication tools.  Illinois Heartland Library System also has a Facebook page.  Please 'friend' us and contribute your own comments on what is going on in your library.  As the staff of IHLS is coming together, we would like to see postings on the IHLS Facebook page from libraries in the new IHLS service area as well. And don't forget to check out the current IHLS web site where you can find names and contact information for the IHLS staff with e-mail addresses and telephone listings. 

And finally, congratulations to Kenneth K. C. Jones, member of the Library Board of Trustees for the Homer Community Library, whose design was chosen as the logo for the new Illinois Heartland Library System.


Mr. Jones explanation for the design in his application read as follows:

“The rational for the shape behind the "IHLS" initials is a graphic stylization of the map of the four previous library systems. The blend of sky blue-to-green color is intended to depict new growth and, perhaps, a flowering of the energy that the birth of the new system will bring to its geographic boundaries. The dark green border coupled with the aforementioned blue-greens are meant to convey the verdancy of the rich crops and magnificent forests of central and southern Illinois. Further, the deep red-maroon of the flowing, forward leaning, IHLS lettering is a direct complement to the dark green of the border—adding vibrancy to the design while also alluding that IHLS is the lifeblood of readers in its service area.”

Pat Boze - Champaign office