Moving Forward Together

July 15, 2011

By The Numbers!

Here are a few facts about the Illinois Heartland Library System.

  • Area Covered: 28,141 Square Miles
  • Population:  2,226,275
  • Offices:  4
  • Staff:  82
  • Staff who are Drivers:  33
  • Members:  594
    • Academic – 38; Public—231; School—260; Specials—65
  • Number of Libraries:  1,131
    • Academic—96; Public—250; School—716; Special--69
  • LLSAP Agencies:  300
  • LLSAP Libraries:  448 

Those are pretty big numbers.  Illinois Heartland is an impressive system.

The LLSAP Working Group held a meeting on Tuesday, July 12 to re-start the discussion on merging the four LLSAPs onto one platform.  The group set up several committees to help start the process of working together.  The LLSAP managers are reviewing the RFQ that went out in January. 

The other committees formed are Cataloging Policies, Shared Circulation Policies, and Shared Funding/Costs.  The members of these committees are LLSAP Managers, member librarians from the working group, and other LLSAP member libraries.   The work of these committees will begin in July and August with the first priority being an understanding the practices of the past and where commonalities are found upon which the groups can build. 

There will be many opportunities for the member libraries of the four LLSAPs to have input into the work of the committees and in selection of a new automation vendor.  Stay tuned for more information.
Check out the new IHLS Web page.  It has been redesigned and we think it is pretty spiffy.  Troy Brown and Nick Bennyhoff have worked hard to launch this new website.  It will be your primary source for information about IHLS.  Take a look and tell us how you like it and what else you think should be added. 
Bev Obert - Decatur Office