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February 10, 2012

Our new Delivery Vans have Arrived!


Help Us Serve You...Better!
If you are an IHLS member library director, we ask you to take a few moments to complete a software module survey.
At this point in our timeline of events and activities to become one big happy LLSAP (local library system automation project) for the southern half of Illinois, we will begin negotiating a final contract with Polaris soon.  At the same time, we are working on a new member fee formula that will be different from the formulas currently used by each of the LLSAPS.  Our goal is to develop a formula based in part on population, port use, circulation, and functionality of the software that is used by the individual library, and that is different from the formulas currently used by each LLSAP.
We do need some information from all of you in order to proceed.  Now is not the time to commit to the modules you will use when it's time to merge to the new system, but we would like to know what modules you would be most interested in using, so that we make sure we include (or exclude, if there is limited or no interest) those modules in our negotiations and fee formula planning.  Please follow the link below to the survey that lists the modules that are available for Polaris and check those modules you would be interested in using at your library.  We would appreciate it if you would include the name of your library, since we will probably need to review the information gathered many times during our negotiations with Polaris.
Thank you for your help with this huge undertaking, and, as always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joan Bauer (elCat), Chris Dawdy (GateNet), Pat Boze (LINC), or Traci Edwards (Silnet).
Please follow the link to the survey:


Library Spotlight:  Belle Valley School District
Left to Right:Belle Valley School District library circulation desk with Krystina Kelley and Vandora Elfrink, Clifford the big red dog, student reading area, translucent art glass partition between circulation desk and reading area, library entrance with lighted walkway.

The Belle Valley School District in Belleville, Illinois, was already in the process of finding land to rebuild one of its schools when the second school, which was built over an abandoned coal mine, was damaged by mine subsidence.  In January they moved into their new school.
Ittner Architects Inc. designed the new 200,000 square foot facility which combines the old Belle Valley North Elementary School and Belle Valley South Middle School into one state-of-the-art facility. Construction costs for the building came in $8 million under budget.
The library is 6,000 square feet and is on the 2nd floor in the center of the two wings of the school, one wing is the elementary school and the other wing is the middle school.  At the top of the stairs Clifford the big red dog will greet you and the lit glass floor leads you into the library and up to the circulation desk.  The library has lots of natural light and includes two study/conference rooms, all new furniture and computers, and two SMART Boards.  Krystina Kelley, District Librarian, was happy to report the library’s budget has been increased this year for the purchase of books to increase their collection to better utilize new shelving.
The school board put a lot of emphasis on making the library a great place to be and Krystina Kelley and Vandora Elfrink love to show it off!  If you would like to visit, contact Krystina Kelley at 618.236.2004 or
If your library recently completed a major renovation that you would like to share with the membership, contact Julia Pernicka at 618.656.3216 ext 142, or


What’s New @ WebJunction Illinois
Upcoming Webinar: There is still time to register for the upcoming February webinars.  If you are interested in attending a webinar but cannot commit to that time, the webinars are archived for later viewing.

Twitter for Job Seekers: Tips for Helping Your Library's Job-seeking Patrons   
Thursday, February 23, 2012, 1 pm CST
Twitter is one of the best online tools for networking and job seeking. Whether browsing job postings or connecting with people in your field, Twitter offers something for everyone. This session will cover tips and techniques for helping patrons network and find jobs on Twitter, and provide your library with ways to use Twitter in support of job seekers. Learn how you can use "tweets" to extend and augment your library services, showcase the resources and programs you provide job seekers and demonstrate the powerful connections you create in your library community.

Enroll in LE@D Courses by the End of February
Due to the closure of the LE@D program at the University of North Texas, the LE@D courses are available for enrollment at WebJunction Illinois through February 29, 2012.

5 Most popular LE@D courses at WebJunction:
Managing Difficult Patrons with Confidence! (LE@D)
Cataloging Basics 101 (LE@D)
Online Research Strategies for Librarians (LE@D)
Genealogy: An Introduction for Library Staff (LE@D)
Social Media 101: Business & Career Tools (LE@D)

To view all the courses and to enroll, go to the Illinois Course Catalog  and click on the LE@D link at the top of the Provider list. Please note you must be signed into your WebJunction Illinois account in order to view the Course Catalog.
Once you enroll, you will then have one year from that date to complete the course.
IMPORTANT: Immediately after enrolling, launch the course from your My Courses page and follow the instructions to request a special University of North Texas login unique to your enrollment. When you receive the email with your login, please use it at least once before February 29 to ensure your access is verified.


Better Than Chocolate!
The acclaimed staff development conference On the Front Lines returns with the timely theme of Engaging Our Communities.  Set for March 12-14, 2012, at the University of Illinois Springfield, this opportunity is unmatched in depth of content and value.  Sponsored by the Illinois State Library, $15.00 covers the registration fee, conference content and conference prepared meals.  Please consider registering yourself or your staff today!


Leslie M. Bednar
Executive Director