Moving Forward Together

It has been a busy week at the Illinois Heartland Library System.  The candidates for the IHLS Executive Director met via videoconference with staff on Monday morning and then with membership in the afternoon.  The IHLS Board then interviewed each candidate on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 9th.  The Illinois Heartland Library System Board of Directors anticipate taking formal action at the August Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 23,2011 at the system office in Champaign.

A meeting of the delivery staff was held on Wednesday. August 10th.    Discussion included practices at each office and the need for common delivery procedures.  The group will continue to meet on a regular basis.  One announcement from delivery is the start of delivery to our school members.  The Carterville, Champaign, and Edwardsville offices will begin school delivery on Monday, August 22nd.  The Decatur office will begin school delivery on Thursday, August 25th.


Non-Resident Card Program:  Each year systems are asked to gather information about whether the public libraries in the system are participating in the non-resident card program.  This year we have the daunting task of gathering that information for all the public libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System.  A chart of the information that we currently have is on the IHLS website under the IHLS Members tab.  Public library directors, please check this information for accuracy.  If the information has changed or something is missing, please drop me an email with the correct information for your library.  The two pieces of information I need are:

  1. Do you sell non-resident cards? 
  2. What do you charge for a card or do you use the tax bill method (TB)

Please send corrected information to Beverly Obert at  Thank you in advance for checking and responding to this request.


A librarian called and asked if there was anything they needed to be doing in the new system.  My reply was that keeping their library information updated in L2 would be helpful to the new system.  This is one place from which we pull contact information.  The accuracy of this information is important.  If you have not updated your library’s information recently please do so today.


Have a great weekend!


Beverly J. Obert

Decatur Office