New ILDS codes as of May 1, 2012

The new ILDS codes will be implemented as of May 1, 2012.

The new IHLS codes:

New IHLS Codes Previous Codes
ZCA - IHLS Carterville SHLS - Shawnee Library System
ZCH - IHLS Champaign LTLS - Lincoln Trail Libraries System
ZDE - IHLS Decatur RPL - Rolling Prairie Library System
ZED - IHLS Edwardsville LCLS - Lewis & Clark Library System



New RAILS Codes Previous Codes
XBR - RAILS Burr Ridge MLS - Metropolitan Library System
XCV - RAILS Coal Valley PALS - Prairie Area Library System (Coal Valley)
XEP - RAILS East Peoria ALS - Alliance Library System
XGV - RAILS Geneva DLS - DuPage Library System
XRF - RAILS Rockford PALS - Prairie Area Library System (Rockford)
XSW - RAILS Shorewood PALS - Prairie Area Library System (Shorewood)
XWH - RAILS Wheeling NSLS - North Suburban Library System


The ILDS program asks that these codes not be used ahead of the implementation date.